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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Let's All Wake Up, Con't

A commentor at my own site dropped the following in the comments, in response to a earlier post on the military rumblings of China that I crossposted here. Joe writes;

Re acid rain in China. As a resident of Guangzhou, I can confirm that it stings like crazy if it gets into your eyes. The Southern China landscape now is nothing more than a hot, hazy, pollution-filled, area full of factories and brothels.

Re the nationalist side of China, I've witnessed the rise of this during the last 12 years and, yes, it has already surpassed the nationalism of what we read was evident in pre-war Germany, Italy, Japan etc.

The "us" and "them" mentality(i.e. we Chinese and you foreigners led by America) is staggering in China. And the expectation that China will directly challenge the US one day isn't debated over here, it's seen as an inevitable fact.

The govt here encourages a victim mentality complex and a sense of aggrieved history among the population (as in the recent anti-Japan riots) as well as teching all schoolchildren that The Middle Kingdom ruled the world for millenia before, several hundred years ago, the industrialised west stole it's technology like gunpowder etc. and usurped China's rightful place in the world. China incurred a HUGE loss of face and now China has started on the road to re-claiming it's rightful place in the world. Conflict with the US/allies is inevitable and welcome as it will be the herald of a new era of unrivalled dominance for China.

Also, don't expect China to start lobbing missiles anytime soon, it's not her style. Sun Zu's 36 Directives on waging war are almost all concerned with deception (1 spy is worth more than 1,000 soldiers, sometimes a war can be lost before it has even began etc.). Therefore, China will work behind the scenes, quietly, not attracting attention, undermining economies, cyber-war, propaganda war, building spy networks and maybe 10,000 other things that none of us here could even guess at.

I'm not saying we should all run to our nuclear shelters just yet but if anyone believes all that talk about China's peaceful rise and how China will never seek hegemony or use aggression against others, then they are a fool.

There's more at simonworld.mu.nu.

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Posted by: maz2 | 2005-06-28 8:45:06 AM

Gee, this is really scary stuff.

Powell puts Chinese military threat in perspective...

a helpful "yellow peril" scorecard,(Unocal's oil output accounts for a tiny fraction of U.S. consumption)...

Bill Gertz (writng in the Moonie Times) uses his sphincter as a hat..."This is incendiary propaganda. There is no balance to this piece, no consideration of other viewpoints and absolutely no sense of perspective. By that, I mean looking at it from the Chinese perspective -- if they were to do any of the things the article makes us think are imminent, their economy would instantly go to hell in a handbasket. . ."

and there's a helpful guide to penis measurement..."The unerect penises of Chinese men (aged 18 to 45) are between 4.5 and 8.8 centimeters (1.6 to 3.5 inches) long, with the average length being 6.5 centimeters (2.5 inches)."

Now that's scary!

Posted by: J.Carter Hughes | 2005-06-28 10:06:14 AM

His contention that the Chinese view 1 spy as better than thousands of soldiers is scary considering the recent revelations about many Chinese spies here in Canada!
Why are we trading with a communist country?

Posted by: Charlotte | 2005-06-28 7:35:14 PM

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