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Thursday, May 05, 2005

What Passes for News on Google

There are certain websites, blogs etc on the right side of the political spectrum that have been rejected by Google News. They are not considered valid sources of news, despite the fact that Power Line broke the CBS Rathergate scandal, and that Little Green Footballs has challenged Google time and agin over their rejection.

However, this site is considered a valid news source by Google,and is listed as one of their providers under the topic of the bombing at the British Consulate in New York. The story has been removed, but this website is still linked.

Here is a bit of what they have to say about Jihad.

Osama Bin Laden is the wold's most sought-after man. The United States & its coalition are actively engaging him & his network as the primary focus of their "war on terrorism". His followers are pursuing him to defend Islamic values against the infiltration of "McWorld."

And it's run like a tacky porn site, offering "too hot to handle" video clips to members for the bargain price of $79/year.

Can somebody please explain to me why Jihad Unspun gets to be a Google News site?

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Powerline and Little green Snotbubbles are OPINION sites, not NEWS sites.

The inability to comprehend the difference is one of the great failings of the political right.

Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-05-06 8:52:36 AM

Sorry, that should be PowerWHINE:


Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-05-06 8:54:21 AM

Not that jihadunspun is any better (though no worse than the Little Green Fascists, IMO), but Google throws up some really odd stuff all the time; I've seen headlines from extremely conservative sites like Talon News (before it dissolved in Jeff Gannon's wake) and even white supremacist sites on Googlenews before. People on the lefty blogs complain about it too, but it seems to be an artifact in the automated nature of the site.

Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-05-06 9:00:20 AM

Well, since Google owns the site and it's not a public utility they can link, or not, to whoever they like.

Just as Shotgun, BlogsCanada, you, me, etc can link to and read whoever we want. Am I missing something?

Posted by: Jay Jardine | 2005-05-06 9:34:33 AM

Jay hits it on the head. I'm always amazed at how and why conservatives complain about the "Liberal media bias".

Media organizations are businesses like any other, and can print any thing they want. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Or does this argument only apply to markets that conservatives like?

Posted by: timmy | 2005-05-06 9:43:09 AM

Little Green Snotbubbles
Little Green Fascists

When did Joe Volpe or Reg Alcock start posting here? Welcome aboard.

Posted by: Kathryn | 2005-05-06 10:38:02 AM

Gee Kathryn, do childish insults upset you? Have you read the comments at Little Green Furheurs lately?

Here; take the quiz:


Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-05-06 3:14:25 PM

Watch it Hermit, or I'll make _you_ a Google News item.

And yes, I can.


Posted by: Kate | 2005-05-06 7:01:05 PM

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