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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The wait is on

In Maclean's gush coverage of the Justin Trudeau wedding, there are two paragraphs on the political future of Canada's favourite son (as one daily paper recently called him). Trudeau says he is going to McGill University to begin a master's program in environmental geography and "it'll at least keep me away from politics that much longer." So we have three more years of puff pieces on Justin Trudeau until he rides a white horse into Ottawa to save the Liberal Party and ensure all that is good in Canada remains safe from the evil Conservatives.

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"environmental geography"

A very exciting field for a young idealist. That's where a bunch of quacks and special-interest loonies goad the government into expropriating millions of acres of land from its rightful owners, in the name of some kind of hare-brained scheme to save the land from the people who actually live there. Then when the whole plan is exposed to be nothing but a financial disaster and a fraud, the government sells off the land in rigged auctions to its corporate friends and various mafiosi.

Sounds very uplifting. At least when he finally enters politics, Just-Watch-Me Jr. won't have any skeletons in his closet.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-05-31 9:16:58 PM

Isn't he like 34 or something??? The dude just got married, and now he's going back to school??? Wot a fucking tool! He will probably not even be able to work! How the hell kind of a way is that to live for a newlywed? In a dorm room, scrounging up money for beer and pizza, ha ha ha.

Posted by: Pro-Alberta | 2005-05-31 10:07:28 PM

Justin thinks that a few years in McGill University as a Post-Grad will keep him "away from politics"?

Is he certifiable?

Posted by: Brian O'Neill | 2005-05-31 10:18:05 PM

All the more reason to smash the Liberal grip on power come election time. Justin will find very little left to rule over should we fail.

Posted by: A.Cooper | 2005-05-31 10:25:15 PM

I don't get the wacky fascination with Justin Trudeau. The twit's a grade A dilettante - more so than his commie sympathizing old man was. ......Oh, now I get it!

Posted by: JR | 2005-06-01 1:00:27 AM

Im too young to have seen Pierre, but from what i can tell both these clowns are total pieces of garbage.

Posted by: Pro-Alberta | 2005-06-01 8:07:20 AM

My god, one Trudeau was more than enough.

The mere thought of a second is frightening.

He must be stopped.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-06-01 8:12:09 AM

You people are serious losers. I feel like I'm listening in on a bunch of teenage girls trash talk actresses they don't like.

If you ignore the silly celebrity pieces we'll stop seeing them. If you discuss Justin Trudeau's school plans, even snarkily, you validate those plans being news.

Ignore the celebrity shit and if he does want to enter politics he'll have to do more than ride in on misplaced nostalgia for his dad, who was never really that popular anyway, it only seems so from a distance.

Excuse me I have to go wash my brain.

Posted by: Johhny Rotten | 2005-06-01 9:32:12 AM

Mark my words:

In eight years conservatism will have a much stronger foothold in Canada. There will be a mood of general indignation about all the Liberal and libertine chicanery that almost wrecked our great nation.

If Justin becomes a leading Liberal politician, the nation's righteous wrath will be taken out on him. Such poetic JUSTICE it will be if "Justin" will be the one to face the backlash to the mistakes of his father's "Just Society".

Rebirth of conservatism and death of socialism is simply a sign of the times; the awakening message is getting out, slowly but ever so surely.

Why conservatism? Because it's what works best for humanity. And nothing can or will stem its tide.

Posted by: Snowy | 2005-06-01 10:41:12 AM

"environmental geography" with a focus in "fuel consumption"

Sounds like a Kyoto-ed program.

Thank God I'm an American!

Posted by: The American | 2005-06-01 10:41:52 AM

Why are the asshats in the Liberal media always trying to annoint a new king?

We have the ingrate criminal clan in the US (yes, the Kennedy's) and here we get the press fawning all over Trudeau's welps.

Good god man! What have these good-for-nothing spoiled little rich kids ever done but make our countries worse?

Save us from dynasty families appointed by the dimwits in the media.

Posted by: Warwick | 2005-06-01 11:05:28 AM

Im just curious, why is this young punk going back to school for an essentially useless degree at his age, if he does want to be a politician? Do you generally need a solid resume in business, law, or some other more respected field? Surely being a "public speaker" and still a student at 35 years of age is not sufficient to be a leader in this country?

Posted by: Pro-Alberta | 2005-06-01 11:21:09 AM

Justine's career is off to a bad start in Québec. There were many, many angry letters in Le Journal the other day denouncing the fact that a french network had cancelled regular programming just to show the whole wedding.

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-06-01 11:35:35 AM

Oh! I missed the "masters in enviromental geography" part.

Just imagine the numbers that populate that dep't? Will the student NOT wearing the hemp clothing please stand up!

Yeah! It's the type of student body that rolls up its sleeves.........and then gets down to brass hookahs!

Perhaps Justine, diploma in hand, will ascend Mont Royal like the gods of old at Mont olympus.

Once seated upon the "lofty" summit he shall think deeeeeeep thoughts, write disputations and ponder the nature of squirrel nuts.

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-06-01 11:52:22 AM

Not surprized with the MSM's Trudeaupian guard fawning over this "hoser royalty" wedding....I'm not even surprised by the dying utopian crust from Trudeaupia engaging in sympathetic magic by day dreaming about a return to a 60s Kanukistan version of Kennedy clan camelot....but I was disturbed at this Trudeau kid's vacancy in picking up the realities of real people/Canada's needs...."environmental geography"???? We want an uncorrupt government as a start to saving the confederation....there is little time nor neet for sheltered practitioners of imprecise science that is rife for ideological/political deconstructionim....makes the hair stand up on the back of the necks of people who value what little property rights that remain.

I suppose this is the result of standard ideologue conditioning for the silver spoon kids and Hoser heir apparents...we can only hope the Trudeau kids don't have the megalomania their sire had. Perhaps by the time he's ready to reshape Canada with "geographic environmentalism", Liberal despoiled Ottawa's jurisdiction won't extend to Alberta and Quebec.

Sorry, Kid, all I see is just another detached, ruling class meddler conditioned to seek an opportunity to run utopian social experiments on some unsuspecting populace....just like Pop.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-06-01 12:06:04 PM

"Save us from dynasty families appointed by the dimwits in the media."

Isn't that what the Democrats said for the whole first for years. Didn't help them much. Jeb and George.

The latter the posters here I'm sure are aware has been promoting hybrid cars and hydrogen. Why? I assume hereditary leader George W Bush thinks a bit of fuel economy might be a good idea for a country he obviously cares a lot about.

He would probably have a lot to talk about Justin with, on this regard. Since it's an issue they have in common.

-- Rotten

Posted by: Johnny Rotten | 2005-06-01 12:15:44 PM

Political dynasties are very powerful for several reasons. First, a dynasty has instant "brand recognition", which can take other politicians years or decades to establish. Second, the previous generation of the dynasty will have had loyal retainers and supporters who may be able to help the next generation. If you don't believe that dynasties work, consider Paul Martin Jr. (son of former cabmin Paul Martin Sr.), Peter MacKay (son of former cabmin Elmer MacKay), Preston Manning (son of former Premier and Senator Ernest Manning), and numerous others (Regan, Savage, Leblanc, etc.) in the current Parliament.

Bottom line: if Justin Trudeau has two brain cells to rub together (an open question), I would say he has an inside track to become Leader of the Liberal Party at some point in the future. First, he takes over his father's old seat of Mount Royal (an unshakeable Liberal stronghold) from Justice Minister Irwin Cotler in a few years. Second, he waits through the interregnum of a John Manley or Frank McKenna learning the ropes in politics (perhaps with a junior cabinet post if the Liberals are in power - which seems likely). Finally, he ascends to the Leadership in about 2015. Be afriad, be very afraid.

Posted by: Joe McCartney | 2005-06-01 12:40:12 PM

Myself I don't imagine Justin wants anything to do with politics. He certainly isn't demonstrating the interest.

What happens if he ran for the conservatives?

Warwick, what about the Bushies? Are dynasties all right as long as they are conservative? Quel democracy.

Posted by: Gamblog | 2005-06-01 12:45:00 PM

You can hardly argue that the Bush's were "appointed by the dimwits in the media." Certainly GWB has some media supporters with the like of Limbaugh and O'Reilly.

I think what Warwick means is that there is no reason to treat Justin Trudeau like the crown prince of Canada. Just leave him alone.

"What happens if he ran for the conservatives?"

The leaders we elect should be chosen based on merit. If JT was a hard working conservative in favour of smaller government, I'd vote for him. I don't give a damn who his father was. Likewise, if Ben Mulroney decided to run for office, he'd likely get laughed out of town. Not out of hate for his father, but because he simply wouldn't make a good politician (in my view at least).

Posted by: Shabbadoo | 2005-06-01 1:33:45 PM

It was more the media was anti-Gore than pro-Bush. If I understand the Democrat argument.
Better than leave him alone. Ignore him.

The whole celeb thing is cheese.

Posted by: Johnny Rotten | 2005-06-01 1:36:54 PM

Don't look at me! I didn't steer him into environmental geography. I have no interest in big-government environmental boondoggles. You must be thinking of someone else.

Posted by: Morris Weak | 2005-06-01 1:39:23 PM

Lets remember his brutal eulogy he gave for his father.
He's an acting coach (teacher if you're a lib) and couldn't turn on the waterworks when he tried to show how distraught he was.
Tried to implement the old ... If I wipe where tears should be then they think I'm crying scam.
If I was an actor paying him for lessons then , I would have demanded my money back after that lame performance.

Couldn't even be honest at his own fathers funeral,...poetic.
He's a light weight and afraid of being exposed.
Lets hope he runs!

Posted by: richfisher | 2005-06-01 2:45:04 PM

Pro-Alberta wrote: "Surely being a "public speaker" and still a student at 35 years of age is not sufficient to be a leader in this country?"

No offense, but that must be Belinda's thinking too. She's a lousy public speaker, and never read a book in her life.

Perhaps what matters is the content of the public speaking, and the quality of the education.

Posted by: Brian O'Neill | 2005-06-01 3:27:10 PM

Yeah, but Belinda is a f*cking tool. I don't think anyone, even a partisan Liberal would argue that that stupid whore is prime minister material.

Posted by: Pro-Alberta | 2005-06-01 5:36:32 PM

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