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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Making The Rules As They Go Along


Apparently the Liberals don't want the Conservatives messing with rules about how the Gomery Inquiry can name names and lay blame. Instead, the Liberals would like to make their own rules on how they will be held accountable for their corruption in the adscam debacle. Am I the only one that who has a problem with liars/ cheats making the rules on how they will be judged on their lying and cheating?

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How about "making the rules as they go along in order to continue deceiving Canadians" instead.

Posted by: SEchappe | 2005-05-31 12:17:54 PM

I like it!

Posted by: RTC | 2005-05-31 12:58:57 PM

I don't think there is much room for Liberals to hide. Gomery's report will be released in exactly the shape and form he wants it. He has proven to be a feisty guy and he isn't going to be stopped from naming names and pointing fingers.
After that as far as I am concerned the law enforcement will have all the evidence they will need and the Liberals won't hesitate to dump everyone involved and file their own charges.
If not the Liberals don't only risk not getting elected, but possibly lynched in the streets if no accountability is shown.

Posted by: Gamblog | 2005-05-31 1:13:34 PM

Gamblog wrote:

"If not the Liberals don't only risk not getting elected, but possibly lynched in the streets if no accountability is shown."

What do you mean "risk not getting elected"? I thought Little Paul reneged on the "election call 30 days after Gomery" promise. Didn't you hear him putting Duh-linda in charge of cleaning up after Gomery? Not sure even someone as brilliant as the fair Straw Knack can manage that in 30 days, especially if it's a "complex file".

How to square this circle, how how how? I'VE GOT IT - Little Paul is going to declare he's not entirely certain the Gomery report is really a "report", per se, and therefore it will be necessary for parliament to study it for, oh, 9 days or so before deciding whether, in fact, it truly is a report. Bwaalinda then gets a little more time to work that ol' Mag-na-gic and put a new shine on them Grits before they face the constituents.

After all, if the Libs are reknown for anything at all, it's "accountability", eh Gam!

Posted by: firewalls 'r us | 2005-05-31 1:49:33 PM

You can be sure the little guys in this operation
will be the scapegoats in the corruption cover-up. It is a cover-up, it was meant not be heard
by the public and nothing would need to be said
of the report because everyone would forget
about it through the summer.
If not for Captain's Quarters we would not have
informtion at all.
Maybe it is time Canadians starting acting like
adults and remove the thieves from power.
Oh, forgot, bribes work very well with Canadians.
Even Ontario will get what it wants in the end.
Sad story.

Posted by: carole | 2005-05-31 3:07:41 PM

You said it,Kate. The inquiry has no mandate to make any important determinations. It was set up by the Liberals to be toothless. Inquiry lawyers required of Kroll Lindquist Avey that they NOT scrutinize any transactions which might involve criminality. In other words, they were required by law to avoid hitting the point. Gomery himself is similarly delicate, if effusively so.

But where then have the RCMP been through all this, in light of what has been known for months?
What is happening to Canada when an immigration minister can threaten to sic the RCMP on an opposition MP, but the RCMP doesn't investigate money laundering by that minister's party for the purpose of election advantages?

In terms of the mainstream media, why is the bald criminal abuse of taxpayer money by a ruling party not considered to be a criminal matter of the utmost importance to the future functioning of this country? Recent Liberal actions are by far the most important Canadian news story in years, so why do the CBC and the Globe keep pointing fingers at Christians, and Conservatives, and Steven Harper?

These tapes are a watershed event. If the implications which arise from them are not the lead story on The National tonight, and if they do not dominate the entire newscast, there will be, especially in the west, a much more clear understanding of what is going on in Ottawa. You might even hear a giant cracking sound.

Posted by: EBDresen | 2005-05-31 3:35:05 PM

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