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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Letter To Frum

A letter to David Frum;

"I work with serving US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. These are, for the most part, wonderful human beings: bright, articulate, honest and possess a keen sense of morality, fair-play, and an unerring sense of honour and duty (one of my students was badly wounded in Iraq last year, but he's right back at soldiering again).

"Then, I compare these soldiers to the alleged political leaders of Canada - and I find it embarrassing to the point that I feel like I am going to be ill. The lying, the cheating, the swindling, and the shear gutless heap of human immorality that has ensconced itself in the role of leadership enrages me and every other patriotic Canadian I know.

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Nothing says freedom like a credit card.

Posted by: Winston | 2005-05-25 12:07:38 PM

How long before emails like this one begin to surface. Oh, the shame.

"Dear Sir or Madam:

I am a mid level bureaucrat in the Canadian Ministry of Government Maintenance and Promotion. As you may have heard in the news lately my department has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in the past few years promoting various good works. Unfortunately a judicial inquiry is now threatening the flow of funds to worthy projects. There is however several tens of millions of dollars held in accounts not yet discovered by the inquiry’s scurrilous investigators. This is where you, my friend, can assist me in the liberalation of these funds. If you would be so kind as to provide blank specimens of your firm’s letterhead, purchase order and invoice documents I can continue with my expenditure program. As per the usual arrangement in transactions of this nature your commission with be 30% of the funds liberalated.

I remain.

C. Mann
Trusted servant of the canadian people "

Posted by: Mike M | 2005-05-25 1:15:03 PM

Mike M: Ha!

I wonder if you can condense the idea enough to fit it onto one of Kate's "Team Martin" signs...

Posted by: dr_dog | 2005-05-26 12:14:44 AM

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