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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Friends Of Science

I understood instinctively that getting two scientists to agree at what time the sun is coming up tomorrow is--at best--difficult.

But here were tens of thousands, from around the world, all agreeing on one issue: that there is no scientific evidence of man-made global warming.

The numbers of scientists staggered me--17,100 basic and applied American scientists, two thirds with advanced degrees, are against the Kyoto Agreement. The Heidelberg Appeal--which states that there is no scientific evidence for man-made global warming, has been signed by over 4,000 scientists from around the world since the petition's inception. I strongly questioned these high numbers, since I've had benefit of the Canadian government's public relations machine on this issue. Dr. Leahey has since sent documentation to back his figures up.

All those scientists were in total agreement: the Kyoto Protocol was complete fiction.

They made a 27 minute documentary - paid for it themselves. And why haven't you heard about this? Read for yourself.

(Here is the link to Friends of Science. Click on "video" at the left to view the documentary.)

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The videos are required viewing so everyone can see what a scam the librano socialist government is trying to pull. Totally disgusting how the IPCC governing body puts out data without collaboration or verification.

Posted by: rob | 2005-05-08 10:26:57 PM


If David Suzuki AND Jean Chretien agree on something, it can only be bad for working people.

What they don't seem to realize is the mobility of capital. Kyoto will impose new taxes on the economy, based on output of CO2. For some companies, but not all or even most, this will be too much and their investors will take their money to a non-Kyoto country, like the US or Mexico. Little could be done to stop these companies from moving. The result: higher unemployment, increased discontent, and changing electoral patterns.

In short, when the economic effects of Kyoto start to show, governments will fall when working people become angry. Given the choice between their ability to put food on the table and their country's international priorities, the people will win.

Mr. Harper, if you read this, please overthrow the Liberal Regime forever. As your first act, please tear up the Kyoto Atrocity and save our jobs! If you resigned immediately afterwards, you would be the greatest prime minister EVER for putting the people ahead of the country.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-05-08 11:53:10 PM

Politically correct "Science" a la Suzuki et al is all that is allowed in the msm with the odd exception (John Stossel's pieces on 20:20).

Fifteen or so years ago the CBC wouldn't allow the airing of BC Forest Industry-paid commercials containing basic debunking of the Suzuki foundation-style propaganda campaigns, as if only money looted from taxpayers and controlled by vote-buyers is clean and untainted. The CBC deemed it "too controversial".

As one of the 17,000 scientists who signed that petition almost five years ago, I have watched with interest to see if it would ever surface in the MSM.

I've come to the conclusion that one must stick to the somewhat underground environment of the internet to get less censored information. The Fraser Institute is also a breath of fresh air in many subject areas.

I recommend Junkscience.com for daily debunking of msm junk along with links to leading edge and informative science sites and articles.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2005-05-09 12:37:00 AM

Here's the plan: 1) Get lots of money (corporations who stand to lose by Kyoto should be willing), 2)make a zillion dvd /vhs copies, 3) put one in every mailbox in the country, 4) get one to every legislator, every high school, every library, every city council in the country, every talk show host, every radio and TV station, 5)put out full page ads in every national paper. Push it, flog it talk about it.

Posted by: jack | 2005-05-09 1:13:58 AM

Kyoto Headquarters aka Maurice Strong:


Enter in to "Search" : "Maurice Strong".


Also, a link to : "Is Canada Ready?"

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-05-09 6:16:00 AM

For those who prefer facts to propaganda:


Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-05-09 3:45:23 PM

Actually Mr. Chittick. you're wrong. The CBC aired the logging ads, then when they were hammered with requests from anti-logging people, they dropped both all together. Unfortunately, I can't find any links for it, but then you didn't either. The cherry picking of the CBC continues on this site...

Posted by: Bdillon | 2005-05-09 7:06:04 PM

"8 April 2005 - IPCC adopted major new report on safeguarding the ozone layer and the global climate system in Addis Ababa"

Good thing somebody's looking after the ozone layer in Addis Ababa. Too many camel-dung fires, probably, but I better let the government scientist do their work. Keep us posted, Hermit.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-05-09 7:18:10 PM

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