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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Bob gets old

Blogger, Shotgun contributor and all-round bon vivant, Bob Tarantino, has a piece in the National Post today about the growing number of Harper critics within the Conservative party.

You'll need a subscription to see it, but you have my word that reading a blogger turned columnist is generally a much more pleasant experience than reading someone trying things the other way round.

Posted by Kevin Libin on May 26, 2005 | Permalink


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I'm trying to decide whether to read the title as "Bob grows up" or "Bob becomes tiresome".


Posted by: Bob Tarantino | 2005-05-26 12:22:34 PM

Kind of stinks we can't view the entire article, but I don't think criticizing the CPC leader is exhibiting signs of losing independent thought.
We are supposed to be critical of our leaders not shameless promoters in the face of contrary arguments.
Being in a democracy is all about taking shots at our leaders to promote change. If the will of the people of Canada is for a more centrist leader then we need to address that.
I'm sure it will be pointed out that I am some kind of an example of the article, but I am more concerned with the larger issue of becoming a party where criticism isn't welcome.

Posted by: Gamblog | 2005-05-26 12:33:37 PM

I meant as in "old media," Bob.

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2005-05-26 12:37:01 PM

Bob's excellent column was placed alongside Don Martin's longer one giving Stephen Harper 'advice' on how to stop being such a lousy leader and how the Conservative Party can avoid looking like a bunch of "Prairie knuckle-draggers".

Slightly off-topic - in the FP there's another excellent column by William Watson on a new study out of UofT and UBC - "Regional Grants as Pork Barrel Politics".

These are just a couple more reasons why, in spite of its gLiberal ownership, a 'Post' subscription is worthwhile. (Full disclosure: I have NO financial interest in any Asper holdings).

Posted by: JR | 2005-05-26 1:22:01 PM

Don Martin could use some sage advice himself.
Perhaps he could spend more time and ink on the rot and corruption that engulfs the governing Liberals to the point of possible criminality than slagging Harper. Harper has more than ample slaggers infested in Canada's MSM.

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2005-05-26 4:43:34 PM

Regarding conservative leader Stephen Harper.He won the conservative leadership by democracy and in fairness.Canada's Conservative Party should work together as a Canadian Conservative unit. Attempt to get some quality big Canadian names for joining the conservative party in the near future. No doubt not perfect but conservative is the best political system Canada truely has.

Posted by: Larry | 2005-05-26 11:06:28 PM

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