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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Toronto cops to play PC police

The Toronto Star (and other media) highlighted comments made by new Toronto police chief Bill Blair on the city's diversity. The Star reports that the new chief "devoted a substantial part of his inaugral remarks to the city's diversity, which he described "not as a challenge but as an opportunity." But that paper is pre-occupied with race so perhaps celebrating Toronto's diversity wasn't really the focus of his inaugural comments but rather the media's priority. Then you read a little further along and find that Blair said:

"There is no greater challenge to our relationship with diverse communities than the corrosive issues of racism and racial bias. It will not be tolerated in the Toronto Police Service and must not be tolerated anywhere in our society."

So I guess we know why the city chose Blair for the post: political correctness is a prerequisite for top cop in Hog Town. Great. Now if only the police would work as hard against crime as Blair has indicated they will against racism, Toronto's streets might become a little safer for everybody -- including blacks and other visible minorities.

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Wouldn't it be better to hire the Ku Kux Klan to promote diversity in Ontario? Tronna's cops are virtually useless - even their mayor has no faith in them. Heck, the cops are responsible for more racial tension than any other factor, even poverty.

However, the Tronna cops have the time: they're certainly not out fighting crime. Spend some time in the City of Death and you'll know why.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-04-27 6:25:18 PM

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