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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Friends Of Alfonso Gagliano, Inc

Via Brent Colbert whose suggestion it is to "Check out this old Larry Zolf article about Tony Mignacca, I can't tell you why...just it's a name that might soon be in the news again soon. I'm not suggesting that it has anything to do about Jean Brault..just check it out and get ready..."

The Friends of Alfonso Gagliano Inc.

In the Let's Get Gagliano Affair, one of the public works minister's closest associates is Tony Mignacca. This man, with 25 years experience in public real estate management, was recommended by Gagliano to Mr. Jon Grant, the former head of Canada Lands. Grant, a businessman-bureaucrat, with a bit of a Dudley Do-Right complex, waited for a considerable time before he told the media Mr. Mignacca was forced on him by Mr. Gagliano.

Tony Mignacca was forced to leave Canada Lands before the end of his $6,000 a month contract. These days Mignacca is an administrator -in a registered company called The Friends of Alfonso Gagliano Inc.- Once again, fact is stranger than fiction.

In this latest Chrétien patronage uproar, Gagliano's only friend seems to be the prime minister, as the press keeps bouncing and shuffling Gagliano out of the cabinet and right into the street. So far the media have not told us whether Jean Chrétien is a charter member in the Friends of
Alfonso Gagliano Inc.

The article also provides background on why Gagliano was more than just another beaurocrat in the Chrétien fold.
Gagliano's mastery of Quebec resembles Mulroney's mastery of la belle province. That mastery plus 101 francophone seats gave Mulroney victory. Gagliano and his Italian-Quebec alliance gave Chrétien victory in Quebec in election 2000. [...] Chrétien and Gagliano now control the Liberal machine in Quebec. If Chrétien is to steer the leadership succession away from his arch-rival Paul Martin, Chrétien badly needs Gagliano in place.

A dumped Gagliano would enable Paul Martin to sweep the Quebec delegates and give him an almost sure first ballot victory in the Liberal leadership race.

Brent also features this information on a "few average Canadians" in the Gagliano orbit from a different 2002 article in the Globe and Mail. Give it a gander.

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So what did Mulroney do that was so bad?

Sure he had some unpopular policies - free trade and GST - but these are still with us. In hindsight they were prudent and beneficial.

The only scandal per se was the Airbus Affair, of which he was completely cleared of any wrong-doing.

This Adscam went on from the first and last days of the Chretien regime, and was not fully exposed until after he resigned.

Chretien will now be remembered as the single most corrupt Canadian politician...ever. And the people of Ontario are 100% to blame for the whole thing. Alberta can now secede with their heads held high that they stood alone against this madness, and prevailed.

Bye bye, corruption-land. No matter how bad you say President Bush is, the US isn't nearly as corrupt as you people are.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-04-03 9:33:12 AM

The Ontario electorate without question has been the feeding tube (if you will) of the corrupt Liberal regime of Chretien -Martin government.
However Canada's mainstream media must share the shame of allowing ten years of corruption to thrive virtually unhindered in the public square. Unless a vibrant and strident conservative media can emerge to root out the rot that permeates government and sadly the top echelon of the current civil service
nothing will change, because the current mainstream media will continue circle the wagons around Martin and Maurice Strong as they did around Chretien's corrupt lot. It's in their left leaning genes.

Posted by: Joe Molnar | 2005-04-03 9:57:32 AM


Read what that CBC article has to say about the Alliance/Conservatives!

"The Gagliano Affair may be a bigger boomerang for the Alliance than the re-anointment of Stockwell Day. The Gagliano Affair is already on the rim of Italian- and Quebecois-bashing. The Gagliano Affair only plays well to the anti-immigrant, anti-ethnic, anti-Quebec sentiments of Anglo rural strongholds the Alliance already holds."

("anti-immigrant, ethnic and Quebec"?)

"The Alliance could use a little historical perspective in all this. The Friends of Alfonso Gagliano Inc. did not invent patronage, especially in advertising, public works and public real estate. That patronage came with the Tories in Confederation."

"The King Liberals mined those patronage traditions, the Mulroney Tories refined them. The Gagliano Affair will not get the Alliance, the Quebec and ethnic votes it desperately needs to grow and win."

(No, but it could get us enough to win elsewhere, after the rich spent billions trying to stay in power).

How about this: total deregulation of the Canadian media market. No more CBC, no more rules on ownership or "Canadian content" or anything. This would remove the entrenched media and force it to compete in an open free market. Boy would the CBC hate that. Let them, the rich bastards.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-04-03 10:03:35 AM

While Chretien/ Martin/Liberals steal millions of $$$$$$ (dollars) from Canadians, Canada Steamship Lines (CSL) has been avoiding taxes according to John Crosbie. CSL is owned by Martin ( Check out the Desmarais family connection & Chretien).

View from a loophole (and a porthole):


Look under Columns.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-04-03 10:40:45 AM

Les Affaires - Gagliano a Ottawa


Index it is. The book needs an index!!!!!!

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-04-03 11:09:05 AM

Love the pictures of Vito Corleone + Pinocchio = Alfonso Gagliano.

The guy even looks like a gangster.

Pity we can't get Rudy Giuliani up here to root out the mobsters in the Liberal Party. He did a great job in NYC in the 80s.

Elliot Ness would be nice too.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-04-03 11:38:33 AM

I'm sure that the charter members in the "Old Canada Club" have plotted and planned different spin scenarios to keep S.Ont. Lib/Red Tory. These people just don't get it.

Posted by: mr | 2005-04-03 12:26:58 PM

I'm sure that a lot of people are way ahead of me here. However it occurs to me that as Alfonso Gagliano was the money shuffler for Agostino Cuntrera, and Cuntrera was the cousin of cocaine baron Alfonso Caruana, who incidentally was the boss of the Curuana-Cuntrera mafia family, then a lot could be discovered if we could understand the ties and associations between the Bonanno crime family and the Curuana-Cuntrera crime family.

I will also say that in the States the relationship between someone handing out government contracts and La Cosa Nostra families is well known and deeply entrenched. I mean, this is what wise guys do. Furthermore, the good fellas' connections to corruption of unions on the waterfront is as old as the unions. Additionally, Mafia families provide the service of assisting in money laundering through cash operated businesses and offshore shell corporations. However, since countries like Panama offer full service banking facilities for money launderers, they do a lot of the heavy lifting. (I gather there's more dope money going through Panama now than when Noriega was its president.)

It might surprise some to find out that Cuntrera was cooperating in the cocaine business when the cocaine business was dominated by the Columbians. It is known that the mafia with their deep political ties have been acting as distributors for the Columbian cocaine cartels. The cartels can distribute easily enough in Spain and countries of Spanish ethnicity, but to sucessfully distribute beyond those countries requires "one hand washing the other" with Mafia families.

The oldest Mafia family in the United States is in Louisiana. However, the oldest Mafia family in our hemisphere is said to be in Rio de Janeiro. So my speculation (I said speculation) is that the Cuntrera-Canuara family was working as cocaine distributors for Columian cartels. Precisely how Alphonso Gagliano could be a bookkeeper for Caruana's cousin and have virtually no knowledge of any corrupt activities whatsoever, frankly, stretches my credulity.

Posted by: Greg outside Dallas | 2005-04-03 3:16:08 PM

Greg outside Dallas,

These ties wouldn't surprise many in the least, given the state of corruption in the liberal party. It probably also ties in with the prostitution ring, and Canada steam ship lines.

Hmmm.... wasn't one of those ships caught with a bit of the magic powder in it's bowels.

Posted by: rob | 2005-04-03 3:23:13 PM

"The players in Gagliano's circle"


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-04-03 5:57:44 PM

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