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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Wolf In Banker's Clothing

The neocons extend their grasp, with wild-eyed polarizers at their side. Moonbats flutter in alarm.

Posted by Kate McMillan on March 31, 2005 in International Affairs | Permalink


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If you had any doubts left that the Bush Administration and their "axis of evil" plan to depopulate the Earth, look no further.

Wolfowitz while he was still working for the Israeli government, wrote some very interesting "theories" about how to accomplish this task. The work was commissioned by Ariel Sharon the current Prime Minister of Israel and was aimed at the more localized problem of the Palestinians.

Basically Wolfowitz plans to use control over the international monetary system that Milton Freedman helped design and install over at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The idea is to so deplete the resources of most Third World countries, that wide-scale starvation will act like a kind of "clear cutting" operation and rapidly depopulate these countries of their indigenous populations. This is already well underway in Africa today.

The World Bank, in Wolfowitz's hands, will use these economic tools as weapons against the poor.

Remember, Wolfowitz is a "neocon" and like George Soros has often said, the markets are "amoral". Indeed, control over these economic policies are even more effective then the blockades that Wolfowitz helped design against North Korea, that has also brought that population to the brink of starvation.

You can check out the Wolfowitz briefing to the Europeans, who have apparently signed on to Wolfowitz's plans for the Third World.


I suppose that for Wolfowitz, this represents an idea of a "final solution" to the problems raised in the following United Nations Report, "Dying Planet".


Otherwise the appointment of an inexperienced and incompetent administrator to the World Bank makes no sense at all.

No doubt they will "explain" (and excuse) their policies and behavior as being "natural" and the result of these Third World countries not accepting "neocon" advice on the economies of their countries much earlier. Its breath-taking in its sheer affrontary to humanity.

It reminded me of Robert MacNamera matter of factly recite the planned casualties in the Viet Nam War using his flow charts and tables on the evening news as he reassured the world that everything was "on track".

Indeed not unlike the testimony of the camp commandant at Aushwitz in the Nuremburg Trials who matter of factly recited his "efficiency" and his "production quotas".

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-31 10:27:07 AM

And with that, there is no need to read the Democratic Underground link provided...

Posted by: Kate | 2005-03-31 10:36:35 AM

Hmmm.. maybe people are getting tired of the ant and the grasshopper(canadian version).


Posted by: rob | 2005-03-31 12:58:05 PM

Joe Green, you are a LYING "com-munist" whore. You and your "com-munist" evil-doers are destroying the world.

Your beloved "com-munist" Leaders, such as JOE Stalin and JOE Clark were responsible for the raping and murder of such and such.

Your "com-munist" Party of Canada received one of the lowest amounts of votes in the last election, so it proves that Canadians are sick of you.

Stalin was a "com-munist". So was Lenin. So was Karl Marx, Engels, and Mao Zedong. David Orchard is a "com-munist" since he had a love-child with Linda McQuaig. Joe Clark is one of most brutal "com-munists" ever, and I can prove it by babbling about various subjects that are off topic.

This comment isn't nearly long enough for the likes of "com-munists" such as yourself, so, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

Useless "com-munists" like Joe Clark and Paul Martin have done to Canada what "com-munists" have done the world over - halted productivity in it's tracks and replaced it with lower standards of living, higher taxes, more greenhouse gasses which will be cured by higher taxes, longer hospital waiting lines which will be cured by higher taxes, gun crime which will be cured by higher taxes, and higher taxes.

Joe "who" "Stalin" Clark and Paul "com-munist" Martin are the biggest hypocrites Canada has ever seen, since THEY BOTH RECEIVED PRIVATE HEALTH CARE DURING THE ELECTION WHILE AT THE SAME TIME DENOUNCING IT!!!!!! AAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!! (clean spittle from monitor)

And, Joe Clark is a Christian. He is also an atheist. Paul Martin is a Christian. He is also an atheist. Just thought I'd throw that in there.

This has all been proven because I followed some CBC links. The CBC is also "com-munist". I know this because I read it in the Toronto Star, which is also "com-munist".

The only true heroes in the world are Reagan, Thatcher, Churchill and Bush(pick a Bush, any Bush). Stephan Harper, Ralph Klein, and Mike Harris are TRUE Canadian heroes because they had the courage to stand up to all the "com-munists" that have destroyed, are destroying, and will destroy Canada.

Did I mention that Joe Clark is a "com-munist". He's a "com-munist" that could only get elected by downtown liberal "com-munists". And only after he promised to be the marshall in the gay-pride parade. AND, only after he promised to help split the conservative vote in Edmonton so a couple of Liberal "com-munist" MPs could get re-elected.

Face it Joe, you and your "com-munist" friends are not wanted in Canada, and God will punish you for your sins.

Posted by: jhuck | 2005-03-31 1:02:43 PM

I've got an idea, how about the US just stop participating in the World Bank? Let the European geniuses who object to Paul Wolfowitz pony up the dinero and make the hard choices.

In his book From Bretton Woods to World Inflation, Henry Hazlitt writes:
"Lord Keynes has proposed that the commission to be paid by borrowers should be the same for all members, as it would be 'worse than a mistake to attempt the invidious task of discriminating between members and assessing their credit-worthiness.' This seems to mean that bad borrowers with bad records and bad internal policies are to pay interest rates no higher than good borrowers with the best records and sound internal policies. When the criterion of credit-worthiness is dismissed as 'invidious,' moreover, the implication is that loans themselves are to be made without regard to it. Under such conditions the proportion of bad loans and of defaults seems certain to be high."

If you run up your credit card debt, you can count on Lucco Brazzi to show and collect the vig.

At the World Bank, it's more like this.

Banker: Well, Mr. Amin, you know, this was a no-interest loan and we expected you to pay it, but you ate your treasurer.

Dictator: I am insulted. The responsibility for my government's treasury lies entirely with our administrative staff who live in exile in Paris, with me.

Banker: But you know, you said you were going to institute all those democratic reforms, with all that money we loaned you after your entire government collapsed due to corruption and mismanagement.

Dictator: We had no other choice except to re-channel the money into a military build-up as we sensed a nuclear threat emanating from Paraguay. Aside from that, the rest of the money went to a completely legitimate need for a presidential palace.

Banker: You know, Idi, we're still gonna need this money back.

Dictator: I find you arrogant. We have already paid 5% of the money back to you.

Banker: Sure. But that's part of the money you got from the International Monetary Fund. We're essentially being paid back with our own money.

Dictator: Look, I'm a member of this bank because my country deposited a dollar 20 years ago.

Banker: OK, I'll admit, you got me there. Will 800 or 900 million dollars keep you going?

Posted by: Greg outside Dallas | 2005-03-31 1:28:22 PM

jhuck has noticed the Joe also.

Is it Joe Goebbels or Joe Stalin?

Both the same; spawned from the left/socialist/communist/fascist covens.

All dumped into the garbage/rubbish heap of history.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-31 1:41:20 PM

Could it be true? Was he was such a moonbat that his own country kicked him out?


Posted by: david | 2005-03-31 2:28:23 PM

Now isn't that interesting. Good going, david.

Posted by: ld | 2005-03-31 2:42:53 PM

Yo Jhuck... take it a little easier on the personal namecalling.

That's my job.

Posted by: Kate | 2005-03-31 5:45:51 PM

Main page of USA Abroad says you-know-who stood for President in TO but was defeated. Theory # 1: Blame it on Howie Dean. Giuseppe just was not moonbatty enough.

Theory # 2: Those 'cons did Joe in again.

Theory # 3: SDA did him in; roadkill, you see.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-31 6:53:19 PM

Greg outside Dallas wrote:

"I've got an idea, how about the US just stop participating in the World Bank? Let the European geniuses who object to Paul Wolfowitz pony up the dinero and make the hard choices."

Greg, for once, I agree with you. I would much prefer for the US and Paul Wolfowitz to go it alone, unilaterally all the way back to Vietnam.

As for the rest of the civilized world, we need to shift the center of gravity of the economic system away from New York and toward London, or Paris, or both.

Certainly it makes sense for Ottawa to favour shifting our position away from New York and to London and Paris because those have been long neglected centers of Canadian trade and commerce.

We should desolve NAFTA and the FTA, and move the oil and gas and tar sands toward government supervised, competitive, world prices, and where open, fair and competitive bids prevail. The National Energy Board should be reinstated to ensure properly regulated exports in the Canadian Public Interest.

If the US fails to comply with environmental agreements that most of the rest of the world has adopted, we need to work together with the international community to impose sanctions and tariffs on US goods and services, in PRECISELY the manner APPROVED by the WTO that has ruled repeatedly against the US for violating trade rules.

If Canada - US trade slows to a trickle, that is too bad, so sad because we have alternatives in China, Japan and the emerging Asian markets. Indeed, we have alternatives in Europe, and we have well developed alternatives in South and Central America where Canadians are trusted and welcome.

As for "defence" issues, our position should be first and foremost to maintain an independent Canadian Foreign Policy that serves "Canadian" and not "American" interests. If these overlap, then fine. If they do not, we need to act for ourselves just as the Americans act for themselves. That suggests that we need to support the UN, NATO and NORAD where we should apply our influence to expand the ideas of collective security to Asia and try to re-invigourate SEATO and where we include Mexico in a renewed NORAD. If the US Administration cannot work with Mexico and Canada, then we should work together, and let the Americans catch up when they are ready to see common sense.

A US interest should exist with surveillence and border security and if we disconnect "trade" from "security", that should give the US comfort on the defence and security front, without allowing them to abuse their strength in trade matters.

Eventually the US and Israel are going to collide with reality over the issue of the United Nations, and "unilateral" "abuses of power". How "good" or how "bad" relations become between Canada, Mexico and the US is purely in US hands. But I am prepared to go a long distance politically to disconnect "American cultural values" from Canada. And to disconnect the cash cows in Canada from their American multinational straws that endlessly suck on that nourishment.

Canadians like me are not going to be "tenants" in our own country, no matter how much Mr. Kantor the former US NAFTA deal maker may wish it so. Nor are we going to let Bechtel come in here and ruin perfectly good tar sand plants with their inferior designs.

In fact, we are perfectly prepared to give the Americans Mr. Gotlieb who was the former Canadian ambassador in Washington, and we will throw in his face slapping wife for free.

And of course, they can have Mr. Mulroney for free.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-31 10:28:53 PM

Wolfowitz confirmed.

Moonbats retreat in unholy confusion to dank, inkblack caves; there they will moult; spelunkers will flush them out; they will return to earth as lefties having forgotten nothing, having learned less.


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-04-01 10:12:47 AM

I just thought I would add in my two cents.

Jhuck and your comments....I think your an uneducated idiot and you should just keep your mouth shut in political arguments. You have no idea what the hell you are talking about and you sound like a fundamentalist idiot. Do you even know what a communist is? I wont even begin to list off the characteristics that attest to that assessment of you.

This is you....blah blah rawww rawwaw....rant rant..."com-munists"...rawwww rage....blah blah.......why don't you take some shut the hell up and read you idiot.

The only thing I have to say is that the Liberals rescued this economy from implosion due to what Mulroney did to it. You think the gun registry is bad? Try a 53 Billion dollar boondoggle every year and thats the Conservative party you moron. Clue in and stop sounding like the dumb ass red neck 4X4 pick up truck idiot you extoll in your comment. Blahh blah blah...rage rage rage...I have anger issues...blah blah blah...and I am too stupid to recognize intelligent conversation...

Anyway...I am not going to be part of a red neck agenda.

Joe Green jr.

Posted by: Joseph Green jr. | 2006-01-31 6:37:43 AM

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