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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Town Hall meetings!

I'm hosting some town-hall style meetings this week to talk about the Western Standard, and our new share offering. Everyone's invited.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) night, from 7 p.m. til 9 p.m., I'll be at Saskatoon's Holiday Inn Express, on 315 Idylwyld Drive North.

On Thursday night, from 7 p.m. til 9 p.m. I'll be at Toronto's Sutton Place hotel, on 955 Bay Street.

Both meetings are free of charge, and there is no obligation. I'll give Western Standard enthusiasts an update on our magazine's first year, and I'll talk about our business plan for the year ahead, and our share offering.

Shares are $186 each, and you can buy as few or as many as you like -- I'll give you more information, including our Offering Memorandum prepared for the Securities Commission.

It's a great opportunity for people to move their involvement up a notch, from enthusiatic reader to owner!

Please RSVP to Rhonda at [email protected] or call 1-866-520-5222.

See you there!

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Are you allowed to pimp your shares like this. I thought you needed a securities license ? Hate to see you and Lord Black hauled before the OSC.

Posted by: nBob | 2005-03-22 7:16:19 PM

nBob wrote:

"Are you allowed to pimp your shares like this."

Bob, most of us would be obliged to produce a Prospectus approved by the Securities Commission before offering shares to the public. Indeed, even collecting "share subscriptions" from the public has to be done properly pursuant to a proper "offering prospectus". Unless you look at the very minimum provisions of the old Alberta Securities Commission "junior capital pool" although I think that has significantly changed now that its all been merged in the TSX.

Anyway, if this is a "private company" then its something that can be formed "between friends" and "relatives" as long as it does not have more than 50 shareholders. I don't know if that is still the rule, Ralph keeps rewriting them to help out his friends.

Anyway, Ezra is part of the annointed holy ones in Alberta and the laws do not apply. That is because for a few bucks, Ralph will incorporate his company privately with a separate Act of the Leg.

Ah, isn't the "rule of men" so much easier than the rigidity of the "rule of law"? Just imagine what Ezra and David Frum are bringing to the world.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-22 10:03:19 PM

Thankfully its been more than a decade since I had any dealings with Securities Acts but my recollection is between the time a prospectus/offering memorandum is filed and the actual distribution communication about a stock can only be done by registered dealers and is limited to basic info like name and share price. It also must state a name and address where the prospectus can be obtained. Sales pitches like “ it’s a great opportunity” are not allowed.

As I say, this is not my area of practice and Ezra’s a lawyer so I’m sure he’s on top of it.

Posted by: nBob | 2005-03-22 10:58:23 PM

nBob wrote:

"As I say, this is not my area of practice and Ezra’s a lawyer so I’m sure he’s on top of it."

Thank you Bob, that explains everything. Still another reason to rate lawyers beneath used car salesmen.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-23 7:42:11 AM

And just what do you do a**hole? How many people have you saved from having their rights trampled on by the state or others. I’d write more but I’m already late for work and the state’s got its stomping boots on. I have to pull a 75 yr old man with dementia out from under them.

Posted by: nBob | 2005-03-23 9:22:05 AM

nBob wrote:

And just what do you do a**hole? How many people have you saved from having their rights trampled on by the state or others."

Poor Bob! Must be a member of the Law Society of Alberta, that bunch that have become a law unto themselves in Alberta, who are accountable to no one, and who are incapable of disciplining and regulating themselves. Last year, of their 7440 brethern, the public complained over 3700 times, all without any correction or even explanation.

Alberta lawyers LIVE off the elderly like parasites; and for neocons in the legal profession like Ezra, the elderly are cannon fodder.

They try to have seniors declared "dependent adults", raise a lot of bullshit in Court about "demensia" or "alzheimers" (a disease that cannot be conclusively diagnosed except by autopsy), in order to give our elders government employed "guardians" and "trustees". The "guardians" are there to warehouse them, and the "trustees" are there to get them into Party run privatized "nursing homes". The idea is to use up the life savings of seniors before they die so there is nothing left for the families. For many, the fees are over $2400 a month, and will rapidly deplete a lifetime of savings, while Tory operators "invest" something like $35,000 for a bathtub. Even the US Pentagon with their $8,000 radiation hardened toilet seats would blush.

These "private sector" "nursing homes" whose owners fund the Tories, should be examined with the same critical eye we examine organized crime.

So save your crocidile tears Bob, I ain't buying your bullshit about how "concerned" you, as a "lawyer", are for anyone's rights. Alberta lawyers by definition almost, don't give a shit about your rights, unless you will pay them $300 a hour, in which case their interest will last as long as the money.

The bottom of the barrel has the following ranking
- used car salesmen
- politicians
- lawyers

And you can see why this is so by doing nothing else except reading this blog.

You asked what I was doing. The answer is simple. I helped elect Alberta's oldest MLA for the Liberal Party who WILL be an effective spokeman for the seniors after beating out a cold blooded Party apparachik in Alberta. And I helped get my own MLA get elected (also a Liberal) who at least has some sympathy for seniors because he is a United Church Minister.

You have a problem with that counselor?

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-23 11:10:31 AM


1. Neither I or my nonprofit employer has ever billed a cent to anyone for my services. If you factor my salary into an hourly rate I earn 10.25 an hour less than the plumber who fixed a pipe in my b’smt last week.

2. With pro bono work, charitable and volunteer activities the legal profession outpaces other occupations in community involvement by a long shot.

3. When I first started much of my work involved the prosecution of crooked stock brokers and lawyers. Like any others profession we do have a few rotten apples. When we received complaints with merit they were investigated with vigor and I’ve put in the hours to prove it.

About 96% of all complaints come from sore losers -e.g. “ her lawyer and my lawyer are in cahoots because they both, along with my ex, are members of a CIA sponsored satanic cult. I don’t get to see my kids because they’re planning to use them for human sacrifice”. Then again, I suppose it’s natural for you to have some sympathy for your whacky fellow travelers .

Posted by: nBob | 2005-03-24 3:28:06 AM

Answer the charges Bob, and stop evading the problems within your own profession.

Just look at the case of Stockwell Day's lies that were proven as libels. That cost the taxpayers of Alberta over $700,000 in "legal fees". Ralph Klein should have just put a barrel of money out in front of the Legislature and told the Members of the Alberta Law Society to "help themselves".

And then after ripping the Province for "fees", these "friends" of yours, make a political donation to the tune of something like $100,000 to the Canadian Alliance and rub more salt into the wounds. Did the Law Society do anything about that? No. What a bunch of crooked assholes.

Just look at yourselves, you are utterly incapable of actually "governing yourselves" according to the Act.

And I will give you a comparison. If you look at APEGGA, there are over 40,000 professional engineers, geologists and geophysicists in Alberta. In the same period that your 7740 members received over 3700 complaints from the public, the engineers received fewer than 100 complaints against their members from the public. And of these complaints, about a third went on for further disciplinary measures. In the case of the Law Society of Alberta, there are precious few disciplinary measures ever taken, even when crooked lawyers are caught red handed stealing, or lying or signing false affidavits in Court.

And your "profession" needs more than twice as much money to run itself as do the engineers.

I am certain that the nurses are also well run as are the teachers, compared to what you crazies in the Law Society have done.

So you can shove all your "pro-bono" work where the sun don't shine. Just look at how sneaky you are in stating what you get for your "charitable" work, stating your fee relative to plumbers on an incremental basis.

Its no wonder that the public has lost confidence in the legal profession. Its not the judges, or the Courts; its the lawyers that have created this environment of injustice.

Now, answer the charges counsellor, as to what lawyers have done to live a parasitic existence off of our seniors.

Go ahead. Make my day! Show me that Alberta Lawyers are any better then the scumbags in the US that have run up legal costs and insurance costs to the point where people cannot afford to see a doctor, and where companies cannot afford to make new products.

As far as I am concerned, we should place the Law Society of Alberta under the trusteeship of the plumbers. At least that would stop the leaks over at the Securities Commission.

And you have the nerve to come here and tell us about all your goodie too shoes "pro-bono" work.

Give it a rest.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-24 9:32:17 AM

One last point.

Even if your figure is right that 96% of the complaints from the public are "without merit", of the 3700 complaints that were made should have resulted in 148 cases worthy of further disciplinary processes. If a third of these were "bad apples" that should have resulted in major discipline proceedings and "sactions" as you guys call it. Last year there were fewer than five such disbarrments in total as I understand it. That is ten fold less than one would expect using YOUR numbers.

And just look at the utter failure of the Law Society to properly insure itself and its members. The "good" lawyers pay thousands of dollars each year to "fund" the costs created by the crooks, and that goes on, year after year.

The public should DEMAND an end to lawyers taking funds in "trust" and this current boondoggle. The US does not trust lawyers with client money, why should we as Canadians? The funds "in trust" can be deposited instead into Court in "escrow". Why should honest lawyers pay such high costs for the crooks, and indeed face "unlimited liability" that even Lloyds of London would not accept?

Let me let you in on a little secret Bob, if you ever did clean up the Legal Profession in Alberta, your costs for the crooks would sharply drop.

But try to think about ANY BUSINESS that tries to stay in business where 96% of the complaints from its customers fall on deaf ears. How long would that business stay afloat in a competitive marketplace?

And in many instances, the public is far better served by getting rid of the services of lawyers entirely.

We need to increase the limits of "small claims" court for instance, to at least $100,000 and we need to compel the resolution of financial disputes before arbitrators, not judges. And certainly not with processes involving "litigation lawyers".

Many people say the justice system is broken, and indeed it is. But the breakdown has not happened in the Courts, or with the judges or the court administration. The actual failure has happened with the Legal Profession itself.

I am all in favour of placing the Law Society of ALberta under trusteeship. It cannot be worse than it is right now. The "right" and the "left" all agree something needs to be done.

If you got rid of the 500 or so crooks inside the Law Society of Alberta, you would make the Province a better place. And if you stopped nickel and diming lawyers over their actual costs and properly funded "public interest" issues, most of this shit would disappear. It does not "cost" $3.00 to photocopy a sheet of paper Bob, just go down to Staples or Office Depot.

Lawyers in the Law Society of Alberta have created this fairyland where money grows on trees and falls to the ground so abundently that you can catch it as its falling. Most of it falls to the ground where its wasted.

Senator Cools has tried to bring forth legislation against "civil molestation" by lawyers, and yet STILL, these crooks do not get the message that the public is fed up with their "services".

If you want to fix the Justice System in Alberta, you have to start by getting the lawyers out of it. Either that, or find some magical way for them to suddenly start acting ethically and honourably. That will never happen on its own.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-24 10:05:45 AM

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