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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tear to a glass eye

Canada has truly come of age under the expansive Liberal ethos of multiculturalism. We take a back seat to no one in the care and nurturing of anti-semitism and nascent terrorism.  A proud moment.

Posted by Alan Rockwell on March 24, 2005 | Permalink


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The two teachers involved have been suspended, the principal , school board and consultants are all "shocked" and "would consider it a shame if all the hard work put in by staff at the school was tarnished by this incident"

It's a shocking story, and the teachers who had a hand in it should be fired. BUt I don't see how this translates as Canada "nurturing anti-Semitism". This would only be true if these idiots aren't given the same treatment as a Jim Keegstra, and it looks like that's exacly what's happening.

If the bastards get re-instated I'll jump on your bandwagon...but my knees don't jerk quite that fast...

Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-03-24 7:28:04 AM

Sorry. I didn't realize the students in question were flown in from abroad just to attend the school. My mistake.

Posted by: AR | 2005-03-24 7:56:25 AM

What I find instructive about this story is that it endorses much of what many have long suspected ... namely that the benign face of mainstream Islam isn't as terror-averse as they lead us to believe.

I have continually been surprised by the silence of Islamic leaders (who claim to be moderate) in the face of barbaric acts commited in the name of Islam. The recent move by Islamic leaders in Spain to issue a fatwah against Osama bin Laden is the first concerted statement I have seen that publicly indicates a certain distancing from Al Qaeda and what it represents.

In the years leading up to 9/11 extremist Wahhabist elements were present in many "mainstream" mosques. Their doctrine of violence was propagated widely within islamic circles. At any point prior to the September attack, did we hear via the media from even one mullah or Islamic civic leader, to the effect ... "we have a problem". No, not a whisper ... blanket silence across the board. If I'm incorrect about this, please inform me as I would like to be proven wrong.

Imagine if our churches in Canada and the U.S. were actively infiltrated by Aryans or neo-nazi types with an extremist theology and a desire wipe Islam from the map. It wouldn't be long until whistles were being blown in public, not only by church leaders but also by concerned members of congregations.

The silence of mainstream Islam suggests complicity, and this school incident underlines this. Not so long ago we had the comments of a so-called moderate muslim leader Elmasry on the Michael Coren show ... to the effect that anyone over the age of eighteen in Israel is a legitimate target for the terrorists.

This underbelly of hate and violence damages the credibility of mainstream Islam. In saying this, I don't doubt for a second that there are many decent muslims in Canada who don't traffic in hatred and who support legitimate political solutions to the problems of the Middle East. A more pressing problem than solutions overseas are the bigots and haters right here in Canada who clearly need to be exposed and removed from positions of responsibility ... most especially if they are instrumental in distorting the minds of impressionable kids by promoting hatred and violence toward jews.

Posted by: raskolnikov | 2005-03-24 8:44:48 AM

And exactly who should be blamed for anti-semitism in Canadian schools?

Posted by: ld | 2005-03-24 9:47:38 AM

"These rubes hate Canada so much that they spend their entire pathetic day looking for any isolated incidents they can use to bash it."

I object to your characterization. I took the dog for a 20 minute walk at lunch and didn't spend a bit of it hating Canada - well, except for the weather - mmmmm, grey and brown snow - melt, damn it!

Posted by: AR | 2005-03-24 10:24:43 AM

"How about the people who are actually espousing it? In this case it would be the student."

And the teachers. All of whom sprang full-blown from the head of Zeus.

Posted by: AR | 2005-03-24 12:20:53 PM

Robert, bashing SOME of the misguided policies of multiculturalism is not quite the same as bashing Canada

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-03-24 1:40:15 PM

Robert, bashing SOME of the misguided policies of multiculturalism is not quite the same as bashing Canada

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-03-24 1:41:09 PM

"The recent move by Islamic leaders in Spain to issue a fatwah against Osama bin Laden is the first concerted statement I have seen that publicly indicates a certain distancing from Al Qaeda and what it represents."

Posted by: raskolnikov |

In fact Muslim leaders have been loudly denouncing Bin Laden for years, even before 9/11. That fact just doesn't get reported very much in our media.

But isn't insisting that all Muslims must loudly apologize for the crimes of AL Qaeda's fanatics like insisting that my Grandfather, a Mennonite pastor, apologize for the crimes of the IRA?

Posted by: A Hermit | 2005-03-24 2:16:23 PM

"How about the people who are actually espousing it? In this case it would be the student."

And the teachers. All of whom sprang full-blown from the head of Zeus.

AR & Robert McClelland

The problem with this issue is the education system itself. If you are going to allow religious organizations to run schools, you are going to have to allow all religious organizations to run schools. If you allow schools to teach in any language other than English and French, you are going to have to allow people to learn in any language.

The more expansive the educational opportunities offered, the more this kind of abuse will turn up. I'm pretty sure it would be illegal to put content monitors, only in Islamic schools. It would also be illegal to ban Islamic schools completely and allow Hebrew schools. You just have to deal with problems as they come up, unless you want to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Mont D. Law

Posted by: montdlaw | 2005-03-24 4:15:57 PM

Hold the student responsible? Wouldn't that send a mixed message seeing as the student received good reviews and marks? And you say the right sends mixed messages!!

Posted by: ld | 2005-03-24 4:44:09 PM

Point taken on the IRA thing A Hermit - but there are a few distinctions it's important to draw.

The Irish Republican Army is a paramilitary outfit with Sinn Fein as their political arm, and they have never claimed to be representing Christianity in any way, shape or form. In fact a great many in the ranks are atheists and avowed Marxists. Morover they operate primarily in Ireland, and are not the global phenomena that Al Qaeda has become.

As testimony to its religious zeal Al Qaeda claims to be the sword of jihad and the storm troopers of Islam. Moreover it receives widespread support and funding from prominant Islamic leaders and clerics, notably in Saudi Arabia.

Another point is that unlike Islam, Christianity is incredibly schismatic, with a wide range of denominations - some of them theologically at cross purposes with one another. Islam by contrast is much more monolithic, the only division of major significance being the Shi'ite/Sunni split. So any militant group with global reach that enjoys the support of prominent Islamic clerics certainly has the power to taint the religion in the eyes of many.

For this reason there is now an increasing drive within Islamic culture in the west to speed up modernization i.e role of women, rejection of violence etc, in order to distance themselves from the unfortunate image that has been created by these extremists.

Posted by: raskolnikov | 2005-03-24 7:53:45 PM

It appears Quebecers are the only ones willing to stand up for Canada. If Muslims don't like it they should stay home.

Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, Quebec's minister of international relations regarding Sharia law -

"I think all political parties in Quebec must say loud and clear that not only do we not want it in Quebec, we don't want it in Ontario and we don't want it in Canada. … We must rework the social contract [for immigrants] so that the people – Muslims who want to come to Quebec and who do not respect women's rights or who do not respect whatever rights may be in our Civil Code – stay in their country and not come to Quebec, because that's unacceptable. On the other hand, if people want to come to Quebec and accept our way of doing things and our rights, in that instance they will be welcome and we will help them integrate."

Lawrence Auster -

"Immigrants by choosing to immigrate have tacitly agreed to support Quebec's social system, and in exchange for their tacit agreement, the Quebec government has the duty to "facilitate their integration" into Quebec. But what if they didn't really mean it? What if, despite these Moslems' constructive assent to the Quebec social contract, they seek to institutionalize sharia in Quebec ? And what if, despite official rejection of official sharia, the number of Moslems keeps increasing to the point where they will have the political power to impose sharia, regardless of what Gagnon-Tremblay may want? Furthermore, since the Quebec government now has the duty to "integrate" the immigrants (a duty not qualified by any quid pro quo other than their initial tacit agreement to respect Quebec's social order), how can the government cease its efforts to integrate into Quebec its population of non-assimilating, sharia-seeking Moslems? To substantive questions such as these, no liberal--whether of the openness type, the social-contract type, or even the "hard-line conservative" type, has any answer.

The answer, inconceivable to all types of liberals, including the "conservatives," is that a society is not formed from a mere agreement, but from shared qualities, shared allegiances, and shared memories. If you tell prospective Moslem immigrants that they must formally agree to support your social system in order to immigrate into your country, many of them will agree to that condition. But, as long as they remain Moslems, they can never existentially agree to that condition. Once they enter your country, whatever their agreements or conscious intentions at the time they entered, they will inevitably begin to change it."

Posted by: DJ | 2005-03-24 9:46:00 PM

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