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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Supporting Steve

Stephen Harper's leadership has been reaffirmed by an 84% majority.

Quotes from the victory speech:

This has been the most spectacular, the most successful gathering of Canadian conservatives in 20 years. And the size and the diversity and the unity of this convention puts the old Liberal party to shame.

I want to tell you how suprised  I am by your endorsement of my leadership. Not only does it confirm my natural charisma.I think it speaks to how far we have come as one Conservative voice. It is an endorsement of your unity and endorsement of each other.

An entire generation of Canadians is desperately looking for a government they can finally trust and be proud of. That is what we'll move forward to provide.

From here on in the days of this corrupt, incompetent Liberal government are dwindling. They're on their way out at last—and we're gonna replace them

We have a moderate mainstream program which reflects Canadian values proudly and faithfully

The merger of the two parties was the Liberals' worst nightmare. Now we're building the dream team for everyone who wants change and knows they can do better.

It's obvious to all [ours] is a better caucus than the Liberal caucus, a better front bench than the Liberal front bench. Much, much better. And they'll  be a better government. Much, much better.

We still need to communicate our message to Canadians. We cannot count on the media. We know that when Canadians understand what we stand for, they agree with us and they don't agree with this Liberal government.

We will be ready for an election anytime. At a moment's notice. It could be anytime and we'll be ready for that election.

Quebeckers can express their solidarity within the Conservative party of Canada.

It is the common values of Conservatism that unite humanity.

Paul Martin has tried convincing Canadians that Liberal values are Canadian values. Waste, mismanagement and corruption are not Canadian values. Honesty and hard work are Canadian values. Economy and enterprise are Canadian values. Safety and security are Canadian values.  These are not the values of today's Liberals. They are the values of today's Conservatives. The values of the Conservatives who founded this country and the values of the Conservatives who will lead it into the future.

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A huge blow to the liberals. Undoubtly this is going to lead to a 5 to 10% bounce in the polls. The liberals are going to be on the ropes very soon.

Posted by: Chuck | 2005-03-19 9:10:28 PM

Any bounce coming out of party conventions is utterly irrelevant, and it always has been. What conventions are for is to gather the media together for some nice sound bites and a rousing rendition of "All Together Now". Well, for every party in every democracy older than one or two generations, anyways.

Harper's been doing reasonably well as a party leader (though LORD he's got to get better commercials than the lot from last election!), with only the bobble with vote representation and MacKays walkout casting sour notes.

Not really fond of the "ain't we great" aspect of conventions, but hey: it's an excuse for a party.

Posted by: Thursday | 2005-03-19 11:54:46 PM

Well if the very best that Harper and the Conservatives can do, is come out supporting perpetual motion machines, and ballistic missile defence, something that does not work in principle, and which is going to cost Canadian taxpayers billions of dollars as a sob to Emperor George Bush II, then the Liberals really have nothing to worry about at all.

This is a turkey looking forward to thanksgiving.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-20 12:11:54 AM

The U.S. does not require any financial investment for our participation in BMD.

Posted by: Joel K | 2005-03-20 7:07:44 AM

Yes, the Liberals have something to worry about. Because the liberals have nothing to worry about.

Posted by: Owen | 2005-03-20 7:33:11 AM

Right Thinking People has in my view, an accurate analysis of the CPC Party Line. It's in large part, a version of the Liberal Party Line.

There are some key differences, which are carefully geared to appeal to the majority or near majority voters who feel unrepresented by the Liberal Party (remember the Libs only got 34%of the vote). These differences are opposition to the Gun Registry, to SSM, to the Kyoto Accord and in favour of BMD. All of these issues are either already discredited or will soon be discredited. That is, the Gun Registry has been shown as a taxpayer waste; SSM has been raised to sainthood by the NDP and Liberals but is contentious; the Kyoto Accord is being shown as, like the Gun Registry, a taxpayer waste; opposition to BMD is being shown as yet another example of knee-jerk and ignorant anti-Americanism..and so on.

The vital issues of 'how do we govern ourselves' have been sidelined. Possibly, this is because they are so contentious that they cannot yet be an election platform.

First - I put bilingualism, a utopian ideology, which is not simply an enormous waste of money, but, after 40 years, it has created not merely a serious democratic deficit in this country but has set us up as an oligarchy rather than a democracy. Getting out of that - will be no small matter. But, if we don't, then, no matter which party is elected, the non-elected enclave of oligarchs and their mandarins in the Montreal-Ottawa realm, will continue to rule the country.

There are other issues: required election times, abolishment or reform of the Senate, and above all, deep changes to decentralize and lessen the federal strangling of the Canadian economy.

In the hypnotic robotic state to which most Canadians have been reduced by Liberal brainwashing (we are tolerant, we accept, we don't critique, we don't question, we do as we are told by Big Brother), it is simply too revolutionary to even mention much less analyze the deep problems.

And - the oligarchs are going to want to maintain power; the Liberal Party is their political agent to achieve this; they'll do anything and everything vs. the CPC.

Another question - what's the difference between the Liberals and the NDP? Identical.

Posted by: ET | 2005-03-20 7:37:04 AM

Yes, the Liberals have something to worry about. Because the liberals have nothing to worry about.

Posted by: Owen | 2005-03-20 7:47:27 AM

The convention was a success. Even the francophone media has reacted rather favourably.

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-03-20 8:31:00 AM

"From here on in the days of this corrupt, incompetent Liberal government are dwindling. They're on their way out at last—and we're gonna replace them"

A very fine sentiment. But when he says "we're gonna replace them", I hope this doesn't mean, "we're gonna replace them and become the new rulers of the oligarchy." If Harper and the CPC have no intention of hacking and slashing away at the the government octopus which lives in Ottawa, then I will not bother to waste my vote on them. The gun registry is nothing but a gnat's bite in my heiny, compared to the overall tax and regulatory burden. Nothing short of shutting down entire departments and spending programs will even begin to fix the problems which Canada has.

"Quebeckers can express their solidarity within the Conservative party of Canada."

It surprised me that the only province fit to be mentioned in this summary of Harper's speech was Quebec, so I found the entire speech and checked it for myself:

Quebec and Quebeckers are mentioned 12 times. Alberta once. BC once. Nova Scotia once. Ontario zero times. Evidently the tail will continue to wag this pooch for quite some time.

I have a bit of unsolicited advice for CPC members and cheerleaders: seizing control of a socialist backwater and turning it into your own socialist backwater is not a goal worth fighting for. Fight for what's right, and if the country is not ready to hear what is right, or if it breaks apart while you try to implement what you know is right, you must still fight for what is right. In the worst-case scenario - a bustup of the federation - each resulting fragment of the country can only improve itself, and in fact they will be able to do so more quickly and more effectively, without the noise, flag-waving, interference and taxation of would-be Trudeaupian dictators.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-03-20 9:20:35 AM

Gun registry costs approaching $2,000,000,000.00.


Preparations, plans, etc., are underway by the federal Liberal gubmint, aka They, for an humoongous giveaway/bribe etc. to the Canadian people with oodles of grants/loans/incentives/programmes all derived from the Kyoto boondoggle. Coming to a sponsorship store near your voting booth. (Except Alberta.)

Advertising to start soon. Watch for it. Biggest giveaway, ever.

Election to follow ASAP.

Source:An anonymous Mole in They. (Moles are always anonymous.)

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-20 3:17:30 PM

The Conservatives are a bunch of crybabies. Why don't they get off their ass, and start to earn the money that the Canadian taxpayers pay them to do, which is to be proper, rational and functioning members of the Official Opposition, and start building an "alternative government" so that voters have a proper choice in the next election.

I may not vote for them, that is my privilege, but I demand value for my tax money. The Official Opposition SHOULD be telling the Country where it stands on a number of issues that Canadian face.

1. Security, War and Peace. IF they would expand the Armed Forces, where would they spend the money, what would they do differently, and how would they ensure that there were not more waste of the type that surrounded the CH-101 program that Mulroney's government tried to bring about amid charges of corruption and waste.

2. Where do the Conservatives stand on military weapons programs that do not work in principle. If for example, I made the case that the US patented nuclear engine is ideal for the Armed Forces tanks, ships and trucks, does that mean I will get federal funding because the US Patent Office granted me a patent?

3. Where does the Conservatives actually stand on Medicare? Will the Party privatize the medical care system in Canada and declare the past forty years a failure?

4. Will the Conservatives dismantle the Bilingual program and what answers do Conservatives offer to Quebec, or do the Conservatives wish to see Quebec go its own way?

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-20 3:50:21 PM

Douglas Fisher on George Bush:

"A strong, clear, straight-talking leader, one who offers plain, understandable conceptions of democracy, human liberty, and a free economy."

Fisher is a Canadian veteran, dean of the Ottawa Press Gallery, one-time CCF/NDP Member of Parliament,

a fine Canadian, one whom we all can admire.


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-20 5:49:17 PM

Mark this day on your calendar. March 20, 2005: I agree with what Joe Green said. While non-partisan observers are less quick to rule BMD a failure (after all, every country—repeat: every country—that has been asked to participate, has, except ours. That includes Japan, Britain, France, Germany, all the Bush-hating nations . . .) Joe is correct that the Tories still stand for nothing other than slightly modified Liberalism.

Denounce medicare as the boondoggle that it is. Speak frankly about the failure of the Trudeaupian biligual policy. Ring the alarm bell that the Liberals are trying to gut the charter by villifying its most crucial clause—section 33—without which the charter never would have been created. If Conservatives had the chutzpah to denounce the activist Supreme Court, the democratic deficit, the vaporization of family values and the persecution of Christians by this government, they'd be surprised at how many more votes they'll get. As Ray de Souza correctly noted in this weekend's Post, the Tories are running from the legacy of Stockwell Day and pursuing the legacy of Joe Clark. When will they realize they're better off going the other way: in the 2000 election, Stockwell Day did better than Joe Clark IN QUEBEC of all places. Without a clear, enunciated conservative vision, Canadians will see Harper as nothing more than a younger, smarter, less cranky Joe Clark.

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2005-03-20 8:59:43 PM

In his convention speech, Harper promised (in French) to Quebeckers an "authonomous state of Quebec". However, in his English version on CPC website, there is no mention of it.

Deception of English Canada and appeasement of Quebec. Not a good start, Stephen.

Posted by: Kathy | 2005-03-20 9:18:03 PM

I agree and disagree with the success of the convention.

First, the CPC has to make itself electable. Without that step, change is impossible and their ongoing oppositional criticism of gov't policies becomes irrelevant and confined to jokes on the MSM.

To be elected, one must face an unpleasant reality - which is that Canadians have been brainwashed to braindeath. How do you appeal to a population who have been brainwashed to NOT think and to 'follow the propaganda'?

Canadians do not question, do not criticize, do not analyze, do not insist on facts, do not insist on accountability. Instead, following the Liberal propaganda definition of Canadians as 'tolerant, accepting, etc', they hand over their responsibility of thinking - to others. Rather than accept the duty, the necessity, the right, to think, analyze and make decisions - they hand over this duty to 'committees'. And they then, stop thinking. Decision-making, critique, analysis - is all the prerogative of these Others. Canadians can go back to ..whatever.

This is not a democracy; this is an oligarchy and the population are not citizens but passive 'slaves'. Pay their taxes, get that money stolen, and...they can do nothing.

There are very serious issues requiring attention in this country. Bilingualism has reduced the democratic capacity of the population to 20% of the population. 10% of this group comes from the 80% anglophones, while the francophone population, making up only 20% of the population, supplies the other 10%. Effectively, this means that almost half of the francophone population may move into government roles while only one tenth of the anglophone population may do so.

Centralization of power in the federal gov't and in particular, in the PMO's office has set up an extremely wealthy oligarchy, feeding off the provinces, while itself linked to a small clique of Montreal-Ottawa based non-elected private corporations and foundations. Decision-making refers to this group.

The socialist welfare-state model that has been set up enforces and hides this oligarchy and democratic deficit, for it 'feeds the population' with enough crumbs to shut them up, while the MSM continue to dish out the platitudes of 'we're just great'.

The emotional bonding engendered by establishing an Evil Other (the USA) further hides the duty and necessity to look at and criticize ourselves before we critique others.

So- we are in a great mess. Health care, our economy, an oligarchy rather than a democracy....

A major problem is that Canada is protected from the results of its corruption and lack of democracy by the fact that its economy is simplistic and without a need for competition or work on our part. Whatever we produce - will be bought by the US. We need do NOTHING; no innovative products, no competitive products, nothing. Nothing. There isn't another country with such a childish easeful economy, where no matter what trinkets we make with our clay and sand, gramma will always love them. So, we can remain children or braindead...

But, IF the CPC does not get into power, then we will not be able to deal with these problems.

A brainwashed, childish population, programmed to fear change, programmed NOT to think or critique, programmed NOT to hold adults (the gov't) responsible or to critique them...can't grow up suddenly.

So- the CPC has to 'tread softly' among such a nervous population.

Posted by: ET | 2005-03-21 6:27:59 AM

Have joined with ET in his diagnosis. Well done.

Cover-up is about to be complete:

"Adscam probe hits snag"


Quebec's attorney-general, publication ban, joins in...

Only blogs & bloggers can overcome this cover-up.

Tribunes of the blogospere : Rouse yourselves!

Carry the truth to the public!

Throw off the chains of the MSM; take the battle to the people of Canada.

Truth shall win!

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-21 11:45:22 AM

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