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Tuesday, March 01, 2005


From today's edition of NORMAN'S SPECTATOR, where the articles are hotlinked.


Dictator was lobbied by Chrétien


Lafleur's mystery millions

Chrétien offered to take the heat

Parental-leave scrap settled

Marriage stand evolved: COTLER

Posted by Norman Spector on March 1, 2005 | Permalink


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Here in Ottawa, all the talk is centered around Condoleeza Rice's cancelled visit (due to the Liberal government's refusal to climb aboard the BMD program) and a piece in today's Wall Street Journal which accuses Canadians of being "free riders" when it comes to our defence.

Posted by: Carl | 2005-03-01 9:40:38 AM


Thanks for the info. Normally, on a story coming out of US papers, I'm a day ahead of the curve

Yesterday, I excerpted the wsj editorial and included it as one of the top international stories.

Today, I linked the Rice visit story under missile defence, along with the Post day-after front page story on the wsj editorial.

Posted by: Norman Spector | 2005-03-01 9:56:53 AM

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