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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

More Dominos?

Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Pakistan...Publius has been following pro-democracy protests worldwide.

  • After years and years of waiting, the Kuwaiti parliament is speeding up legislation for women's suffrage. About 500 women demonstrated.
  • Demonstrators here [Egypt] are protesting against the new election law that would have Mubarak run against other candidates. The basis? They believe it will be rigged. I tend to agree.
  • [Nepal] Even after the declaration of a military dictatorship and the oppression of media, the democratic opposition to the king is preparing for a huge protest tomorrow.
  • Thousands of women rallied in eastern Pakistan on Monday to demand justice and protection for a woman who said she was gang-raped at the direction of a village council, after a court ordered the release of her alleged attackers

  • Lots more there.

    Totten is right - the western media, pundits and the democratic left would do well pay more attention Victor Davis Hanson. They won't of course - they've shown an unhealthy fondness for worse-case-scenerio wishful thinking punditry.


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    Lawrence Auster - "Americans and liberals can therefore conceive of the good only in terms of a "procedure" in which all desires and all notions of the good are seen as of equal value, i.e., in terms of freedom and democratic elections, even if that freedom and those elections lead to substantive evils such as civil war, or rule by Moslem extremists, or rule by a violent black kleptocracy as in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe..."

    In Pakistan, in 2002, democracy entrenched an extremist Islamic party. "Today they [Islamic fundamentalists] take the frontier. Tomorrow, who knows?" The most popular party in Lebanon is Hezbollah, terrorists funded by Iran. Afghanistan is a naro-state. In Egypt, the winner of a truly democratic election could easily be the Muslim Brotherhood, the founder of all modern-day Islamist extremist organizations.

    "Turkey elected a democratic government democratically -- and an Islamist party won and now governs. Its first important act was to deny transit rights across Turkey for the U.S. 4th Infantry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom."

    And when democracy does not work in the US/European/Canadian interests, we have Haiti.

    Auster again - "Once rule by Moslem extremists or black thugs comes about, often (as in Zimbabwe) as a direct result of the liberals' own meddling, they simply lose interest in that situation and start looking for opportunities to advance freedom and democracy elsewhere. "

    Posted by: DJ | 2005-03-08 10:42:34 AM

    Is this the same DJ who doesn't beleive Arabs can do democracy? And if I think Arabs have as much a chance at democracy as a bunch of lost immigrants from the British Isles trying to farm a hostile northern waste, that makes me a neo-con?

    You should have left with Zundel. You're obviously not comfortable here.

    Without exagerating things, isn't it a good sign that Hezbollah is striking back against Lebanese anti-Syrian protests by staging protests of its own, rather than sending suicide bombers, or firing bombs?

    Next they'll be calling each other names in Parliment, complaining about advertising money gone to convince the Druze not to separate.



    Posted by: wsam | 2005-03-08 12:10:03 PM

    It's the "procedure" stupid. More evidence of Muslim "democracy" in action.


    "The Pakistan government has allied with Islamists to reject a bill which sought to strengthen the law against the practice of "honour killing". The parliament rejected the bill by a majority vote on Tuesday, declaring it to be un-Islamic. Honour killing is the name given to murders where the offender claims the victim, usually a woman, had brought his family into disrepute. The bill was rejected after being declared un-Islamic by a "majority vote.

    Government and independent researchers estimate that over 4,000 women have fallen victim to this practice in Pakistan over the last six years."

    Posted by: DJ | 2005-03-08 2:30:26 PM

    Hey stupid, BJ.

    Why has Mushie allied himself with the Islamists? Because the secularist parties want him out. He's a military dictator buddy!

    The Islamists are giving him cover. It's a deplorable situation but how about some clarity, some context. How is the Pakistani government structured? No. For you the important thing is that they're Muslims.

    Is it just Arabs you hate. Or is it Muslims? What about Black people? Tanned? What about someone with a really good tan? You hate surfers there big guy?

    You're pathetic.


    Posted by: wsam | 2005-03-08 2:35:52 PM

    Dear wsam:

    "You're pathetic"? "You should have left with Zundel"? Hey, that's not very nice. I thought this was the Shotgun, not "rabble.ca".

    I'm afraid I'm not privy to any previous conversations you had DJ may have shared, but what's wrong with expressing a healthy skepticism towards the view that democracy can be exported everywhere? Personally, I think it functions relatively well in the West for the simple reason that we enjoy a (classically!) liberal political culture of respect for the rule of law, separation of church and state, a sense of give-and-take, etc... in many other parts of the world, however, democracy has indeed degenerated into majority tyranny.

    If you disagree with this view, fine and dandy, but you don't have to resort to name-calling, or attempt to stifle honest debate with Political Correctness.

    Posted by: Grumpy Young Crank | 2005-03-08 5:57:36 PM

    i fet information about a democratic bill of human right pass in march in 2005

    Posted by: saba | 2005-05-01 8:27:04 AM

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