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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Drain the swamp at the U.N.!

One of greatest non-profit organizations in the world, Freedom House, today released its annual compilation of the world's worst regimes. You can read the report here. (PDF required.)

Six of the countries on their list currently sit as members of the U.N. Human Rights Commission: China, Cuba, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Zimbabwe.

I guess we should be outraged, but this is the U.N. No sense in wasting energy getting mad anymore.

Adam Daifallah

Posted by Adam Daifallah on March 31, 2005 in International Affairs | Permalink


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Speaking of Zimbabwe, I was just reading in the National Post about Robert Mugabe's innovative strategy for the parliamentary elections currently underway.

-Install cronies to run the poll

-Gerrymander constituency boundaries

-Ban likely opponents from voting: Some 3.4 million Zimbabweans living abroad will not be permitted to vote. The bulk of them are refugees and would likely back the opposition MDC (D stands for democratic).

-Ensure all likely supporters vote: 200,000 members of the government's senior ranks voted secretly earlier this month, with the payoff to some including land stolen from white farmers.

-Reduce independent election scrutiny: Western observers will not be certifying the validity of the election, but that's fine - we can depend on monitors hailing from Iran and China to give us the scoop instead.

-Stuff the voters' roll with the names of dead people: Some 1 million 'diehard' registered voters.

-Double the number of polling stations and place them in regime strongholds: With 8,000 polling stations to monitor, foreign election observers have their work cut out for them.

-Control the count: Voting results at polling stations will be phoned through two layers of bureaucracy, controlled by Mugabe loyalists.

Well, I think I can say with certainty that Mugabe's got this one in the bag.

Posted by: Leigh Aslateei | 2005-04-01 2:02:27 AM

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