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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Alive, But Dead

In the fine tradition of "Fake, But Accurate", CBS erroniously reported on March 28th via their website that Terry Shiavo had died (Radio host Glenn Back grabbed a screen capture (pdf).) - then quietly removed the story absent retraction, correction or apology. (And some claim that bloggers lack "journalistic ethics"...)

One wonders how a news organization with as many resources as CBS could manage to jump the gun so badly on the number one news story of the day - perhaps someone finally noticed the Kinko's fax number on the leaked "death certificate"?

hat tip OTB

Posted by Kate McMillan on March 30, 2005 in Media | Permalink


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Obituary writing is an art. The science of it is to know whether the subject is dead or alive.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-30 7:39:02 AM

Here is something that appeared on CNN that proves that there is a God and that He is Just.

"Rev. Jerry Falwell in critical condition
Second bout of pneumonia in five weeks"

"Falwell, 71, was admitted to Lynchburg General Hospital shortly before midnight Monday suffering from "respiratory arrest," the hospital said in a statement, meaning his breathing had slowed or stopped.

"His cardiac status is stable and there is no evidence of a heart attack," said hospital spokesman Tom Urtz, reading from a statement. "He is alert and responding to questions.

"Rev. Falwell is clinically stable, but is still critically ill," he said."

The URL is:


Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-30 9:01:48 AM

And another possible headline:

"Joe Green Hits Bottom and Keeps Digging"

Posted by: Doug | 2005-03-30 10:04:32 AM

Now there is the true compassionate left.

Posted by: ld | 2005-03-30 10:06:51 AM

I'm tired and my temper is short. Joe Green - consider this a advisory: Read the post, stay on topic, and keep it civil.

If you want to indulge in random, off-topic cheap shots, get your own blog.

Posted by: Kate | 2005-03-30 11:08:30 AM

Back on topic, then ....

This certainly isn't the first time CBS has done a "Mark Twain" on someone. I remember that back in 1980, on the day Ronald Reagan was shot, Dan Rather announced that press secretary Jim Brady had died of his injuries (which of course, he had not).

Granted, things were no doubt in a state of pandemonium that day, but it seemed even then that Rather's announcement was driven more by the desire to be first than any desire to be accurate.

At least in that case, Rather & Co. were obliged to own up to their error and correct the record. Today, it seems, they just erase it.

Posted by: Doug | 2005-03-30 12:41:40 PM

I'm on it Joe, here, let me get this one for you.

Joe Green wrote:

If I had wanted to start my own Blog, I would have done so. What I intended, is what I did, which is to say, engage the right wing extremists of Canada with facts, figures and arguments that oppose some of their "positions" and demonstrate that a great deal of rhetoric from the right is "nonsense".
You can read, my arguments are cogent and well laid out. Go ahead and mount your arguments, if you can.

Your mission statement makes perfect sense to me Joey - Go Joe Go - I wrote - bye bye.

Posted by: mr | 2005-03-30 12:53:46 PM

My apologies Doug, hopefully were back on topic now.

Posted by: mr | 2005-03-30 12:59:16 PM

[content deleted - ed]

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-30 2:55:00 PM

TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — A draft of CBSNews.com’s obituary for Terri Schiavo mistakenly appeared on the Internet for a few hours, a network official said Wednesday.
The incomplete story did not appear on the network’s website, but it could be found by an Internet search engine because it was inadvertently saved in an online file, said CBSNews.com news director Mike Sims.
Sims said the draft was saved late Monday and removed a few hours later, after the error was identified early Tuesday.
“It should have been saved off-line. We certainly do feel badly about that,” Sims said.
The story was posted on the website for radio talk show host Glenn Beck.
News organizations routinely prepare obituaries in advance and hold them until the death.
Schiavo is the brain-damaged woman at the centre of a dispute between her husband and parents over whether she should be kept alive. Her feeding tube was removed by court order March 18.

Posted by: Mike Jenkinson | 2005-03-30 3:33:41 PM

Joe is delusional and tedious. HELP! The Shotgun is being hijacked by this idiot. Is anyone else out there fed up with this? Since I'm a neophyte to blogs (not a "neocon"), I sincerely ask "what can be done?" Is this par for the course? Do we have to surf through this poop to get to the good stuff? If nothing can be done about this, the "shotgun" is going to lose interest real fast. Am I the only one?

Posted by: Jack | 2005-03-30 5:06:53 PM

Jack the answer as I said in another comment, is to totally ignore Joe's comments. Don't bother reading them, just move on to the next one. He will get the message if people ignore him.

Posted by: MikeP | 2005-03-30 5:33:33 PM

Steady Jack - easy now - he's only got 1,949 Libertarians to annihilate and then the 200,000 or so 4th or 5th columnists to remove from Calgary and apparently the uncoupling of Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Brandon and then there's that thing over at GE Capital to straighten out and then I think he wants to close the doors to the Church of Objectivism and possibly do something with Mammon but I guess you're not paying attention because his arguments are "cogent and well laid out".
You're not the only one Jack but I think if you don't take his spin seriously and view him as a bad comedian along with a healthy dose of ignore he should disappear somewhat like a hemorrhoid
bye bye

Posted by: mr | 2005-03-30 5:51:34 PM

Jack, I've been posting up here for a couple of years, and I agree with you.

Despite the spectacular stories you hear about on TV, Americans go back and forth between administrations on the right and left all the time. Virtually everyone in the US has friends and relatives who oppose them politically. So, out here in flyover country, we are very accustomed to having discussions with friends who do not agree with us. Joe Green is very strange, from an American point of view.

Joe confuses his personal opinion and ideology with his power drive. He not only wants the recognition of being right, he wants to be "dominant". An uncontrollable, instinctive drive, operating through his personality, leads to the bellicose loudmouth that you see clogging up the Shotgun.

However, to really be dominant, one has to be able to dominate in areas other than verbosity. And as most of us could take Joe out in the first round provided you eliminate a standing eight count, dominance forever eludes him.

Posted by: Greg outside Dallas | 2005-03-30 5:52:07 PM

It is clear that Joe Green is, whether deliberately or not, innumerate and irrational. I suspect his intention is merely to try to suffocate other discussion by producing long, tedious, pompous, argumentative, inflammatory posts. Joe doesn't bother to make rational arguments or respond to any, so there's not really any purpose to refuting his meanderings. Scroll past. He might as well waste his time here as "Joe Green" as adopt another name, or infest other blogs.

I admit his rants have been generating a lot of laughter, but I don't think being the butt of a running office joke was his intent. At least he serves some useful purpose.

Posted by: lrC | 2005-03-30 6:15:10 PM

Well, I'm tired of him as well. Perhaps a few hints such as the deleted comment below will get the message across. This is one of the most generous sites on the blogosphere when it comes to tolerating trolls, but if you don't draw a few lines, they will eventually take over and drown out intelligent discussion.

Besides, I'm a fascist. It's one of the perks.

Posted by: Kate | 2005-03-30 6:37:29 PM

Kate wrote:

"Besides, I'm a fascist. It's one of the perks."

Don't forget the part about being a censor.

But I have to agree with your self analysis, that is what I have been saying all along. You love the perks.

Posted by: Joe Green | 2005-03-30 7:04:44 PM

Obituary for Groucho Marx.

"What would you like to be if you were not Groucho Marx?"

"Dead", was the reply.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-03-30 7:09:40 PM

Hmmm... seems a lot of electrical interference cleared up on this thread.... kinda nice..

Posted by: rob | 2005-03-30 7:30:28 PM

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