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Monday, February 28, 2005

Two more MPs against SSM

defendMARRIAGE.ca reports that Liberal MP Walt Lastewka (St. Catharines) and Conservative MP Lee Richardson (Calgary Centre) have decided to vote to defeat Bill C-38.

Posted by Paul Tuns on February 28, 2005 in Canadian Politics | Permalink


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Note-> How to defend traditional marriage institution. First, marriage was conceived and intented as a exclusive male/female union. No.2, Male and female unions is the full range of human beings. Marriage compliments the two human genders together. Marriage is not meant to unite only one of the two human genders together. No.3, Also marriage is for natural procreation and a mom and a dad for and with kids. No.4, History, naturalism, Spirituality and tradition all confirm marriage is a exclusive male/female union. No.5, Marriage is a moral institution but even going by rights. Than the marriage institution should have it's rights too, to be as intented a exclusive male/female union. No.6, Gay Games, Pride Days, lesbian only clubs, girl guides, males and females separated sport teams and public washrooms, female only book clubs and gyms, ect., should all these organizations be definition changed of course not and nethier should the traditional marriage institution. No.7, No I don't hate nor dislike homosexual people but in truth the marriage institution is intented and meant as a male and female union. Simply homosexuals can have a civil union or start their own official new name union with benefits. A heterosexual couple and a homosexual couple are diferrent. Fact a heterosexual couple offers two human genders for kids whereas a homosexual couple only offers one of two human genders to kids. {The above is true and should be used as a traditional marriage institution defence.} Finally here the defenders of marriage are more in the right than the attackers attempting to change marriage. From what is to a ideology left wing version. The Two MP's who now confirm they will vote against Bill C-38, great. You both are doing the correct and right action going against changing the definition of the historical marriage institution. Thanks!!.

Posted by: Larry | 2005-03-01 4:49:01 AM

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