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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spring Cleaning In Syria

Ed Morrisey on the news that Syria has "captured" and handed over Saddam Hussein's half-brother, Sabawi Ibrahim al-Hassan, and 29 other Baath Party officials;

It's starting to look like an early bout of spring cleaning at Chateau Assad. The Iraqi Ba'athists have become very, very expendable.

(AP story here.)

Against a backdrop of announced multi- candidate presidential election reform in Egypt, this observation from John H. Hinderaker at Powerline;

There has never been any doubt about the fact that die-hards from Saddam's regime were participating in and directing the Iraqi insurgency from what was thought to be a safe haven in Syria. The fact that the Syrian haven is no longer safe seems enormously significant, for two reasons. First, Assad is obviously worried about his own survival if his regime continues to try to undermine the new Iraqi government. Second, Syria has apparently concluded that the insurgency is being defeated and is going to fail. Why else would it turn on the Iraqi Baathists whom, until now, it has sheltered and encouraged?

The principal reason for deposing Saddam Hussein, as articulated repeatedly by President Bush and others in his administration, was to begin the process of reforming the Arab world--the only long-term strategy for dealing with the problem of Islamic terrorism that has yet been proposed. Two years ago, no one could have known how likely the administration's policy was to succeed, and today, of course, there are still huge uncertainties. Nevertheless, it seems fair to say that all current indications suggest that Bush's Iraq policy may be more successful, and sooner, than even its most optimistic backers had dared to hope.

Incidentally, neither story can be found on the CBC news website at time of writing.

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Syria: Out of Lebanon.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-02-27 5:46:28 PM

Interesting events - the fact that Syria is worried about its role, and the fact that the MSM are ignoring reality. Shows that the MSM are involved in fiction rather than fact, in propaganda rather than news.

As for Syria - what is interesting is how fast this implosion, if implosion it is, i.e., the dissolution of tyranny, is happening in the Middle East. There's Egypt promoting elections with multiple candidates. Syria handing over members of Hussein's regime, which shows what they had previously denied, that they were aligned with Hussein and were assisting the insurgency in Iraq. That is, the MSM were promoting the notion that the insurgency was strictly 'in-grown' Iraqis protesting the 'American occuption', but in reality, this insurgency was not against the occuption but against the emerging democratization of Iraq and was being run by Syria - and Iran.

And Lebanon, with the people demanding that Syria get out...

There's still the worry of Iran and Russia. This is a Russia which is not, I suggest, so much against the USA as it is concerned about the EU as run by France. France is, in my view, a serious concern; it is attempting to set itself up as a hyperpower, doing so by running the EU and the UN..and its 20-nation bloc, primarily made up of ex-colonies of France, aided by Canada and Martin - who is assisting France in setting up this Third Bloc (EU, UN and Francophone). So - is Russia trying to move into the Middle East as it is becoming more democratic?

Posted by: ET | 2005-02-27 5:52:14 PM

NOOO!! It is all about the oil!! Haliburton! Bush=Hitler!

Posted by: Barking Moonbat | 2005-02-27 6:12:54 PM

Great post Kate. Progress in Iraq is proceeding at quite a pace. The war will be over long before MSM realizes it's not a quagmire.

Posted by: Terry Gain | 2005-02-27 8:52:55 PM

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