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Monday, February 21, 2005

Paul Martin, foreign policy dunce

Writing in the Calgary Sun, Ezra Levant concludes his column on Prime Minister Paul Martin's approach to foreign policy thusly:

"Syria, a rogue, terror-sponsoring state, has announced an alliance with Iran, another rogue, terror-sponsoring state building nuclear weapons. Syria killed Hariri. Syria's illegal occupation of Lebanon continue. And Martin think's it's all OK, in the name of 'peace.'

Remember, this is the same PM who, while in China, claimed he sat next to 'opposition politicians' at a state dinner. He actually thought the hand-picked stooges the Communist Party introduced him to were real dissidents, allowed to sit in that country's legislature."

Natan Sharansky says in his book The Case for Democracy that he and his fellow Soviet dissidents never thought that the world was divided between communists and capitalists but rather between those who were willing to confront evil and those who weren't. Paul Martin plants himself firmly in the latter category.

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Sharansky voted against the Gaza withdrawal.

Posted by: Norman Spector | 2005-02-22 12:28:34 AM

Mr Dithers isn't merely living in fantasyland with respect to stoogies fronting as genuine Chinese "dissidents" ... his entire foreign policy is based on some "globalist" retro-vision that is quasi-communist in origin. Trudeau never felt more at home than when he was shoulder-to-shoulder with Ceaucescu, Castro and Mao.

Martin's rep as a blue liberal with a respect for the energies of contemporary capitalism, may have provided stature when he was Finance Minister, but now that he is on the world stage ... the shortcomings and fallacious thinking of our PM are embarrassingly in evidence. George mightn't always get the details right - but at least he knows where he stands on the big picture.

Posted by: raskolnikov | 2005-02-22 6:03:04 PM

PM Paul Martin only been the PM a short time.At tax payers expense,this Liberal PM has travelled to foreign country's constantly thus far.During his travels, he often shoots out Liberalism ideology nonsense ways.PM Martin,theirs a Foreign Minister to do most of the Liberal travels.Hopefully travel for real government duties and not only a travelling sales person for Liberalism.

Posted by: Larry | 2005-02-23 5:39:15 AM

Norman - I don't follow your logic. You state that Sharansky voted against the Gaza withdrawal. What's your point? Maybe he had valid concerns. Surely you can't be saying that IF Sharansky approves of the Gaza-W; THEN, his comments on anything else, are OK. And If he didn't approve, THEN, his comments on other things are without validity. ...Surely you can't be saying this! Or are you?

Posted by: ET | 2005-02-23 12:52:39 PM

The point was for information, and seems not to have altered Mr Tuns' analysis.

Posted by: Norman Spector | 2005-02-23 11:25:40 PM

Norman - 'the point was for information'. Why would you think this information relevant?

Posted by: ET | 2005-02-24 5:45:10 AM

I'll be writing about Sharansky, whom I've known for a long time, at some point; I think a lot of people, including Bush, misuderstand where he's coming from.

Posted by: Norman Spector | 2005-02-24 8:24:48 AM

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