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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Life In The Rall World

As gifted a writer...

"Bloggers are ordinary people, many of them uneducated and with nothing interesting to say. They're sitting in their rec rooms, regurgitating and spinning what real journalists have dug up through hard work. They don't have sources, they don't report, and no one holds them accountable when they make mistakes or flat out lie. Yeah, there's a new sheriff in town. Unfortunately he's drunk, he's mean, and he works for the bad guy."

as he is a cartoonist.


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"Blogggers are ordinary people, many of them uneducated and with nothing interesting to say."

Ok, the first description applies to ALL bloggers, but the last two qualities--uneducated and boring-- why does he have to be so hard on The Left?

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-02-23 8:57:56 AM

Whooee! That there cartoon drawer boy sed hisself a mouthful o' bad words 'bout us boogers. I'm new in the boogeysphere but when I join a team, I like t' give my all an' now this sumbitch is lookin' fer a JimBobby-flavoured knuckle samwitch. He can't draw so purty, neither.

Yores trooly,

Posted by: JimBobby | 2005-02-23 9:33:18 AM

Rall is the purveyor of heat, but no light.

What do you call someone who attempts to feebly engage an enemy after he has lost?

Hang it up, Rall. The war is over. Bloggers won.

Posted by: Greg outside Dallas | 2005-02-23 12:16:01 PM

Ted Rall really is the low-hanging fruit.

rall (v) to figuratively and effortlessly take the head of one who rants.

rall (n) a rant which requires no real effort to fisk.

jeebs (n) one who repeatedly ralls (see character list of "Men In Black").

Posted by: lrC | 2005-02-23 3:35:56 PM

"The Buck-Naked Bigotry of Ted Rall" by Michelle Malkin:


Posted by: maz2 | 2005-02-23 4:42:09 PM

Wow, does anyone have anything substantive to say or has this become a forum for vigorous sticking out of tongues?

The post and the comments seem to do more to prove his point than counter it.

Posted by: Kevin | 2005-02-23 4:42:57 PM

This is ridiculous. A group blog and no posting about the budget yet? That's what blogging is all about, instant commentary.

Posted by: Pete | 2005-02-23 4:49:50 PM

PM Mr. Dithers has given away our sovereignty says US envoy. Je suis d'accord.

Misses Defence Minister has nothing to say. Ditto with F McKenna.

Wowser. What a team at the helm of our country.

Oh well, we still have the NHHHell. & GG A Clarson/Rawls (sic). & memories of PET. & memories of TC Douglass. Sickcare is dead but no funeral.

Oh, where is my MRI glasses?

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-02-23 6:18:40 PM

Pete: "This is ridiculous. A group blog and no posting about the budget yet? That's what blogging is all about, instant commentary."




Does anybody have a sombrero and backpack I can borrow? A waterproof, sheepskin lined poncho would be useful, too. And good walking boots. Yes. Quiet ones.

Posted by: Kate | 2005-02-23 6:57:10 PM

how does someone get in touch with this blithering moron?? i just read several of his columns..the last one about our position on iran. ted rall is an uninformed, rose-colored-glasses-wearing twit!! we need to put him on national tv so the entire american public can see and hear what a complete ass this guy is.

Posted by: morgan s. | 2005-02-26 7:18:28 PM

Yeh but Teddy is on the left and so can get away with all kinds of extremism. Try 'tooning on the right and indulging in equally extremist commentary and you will labelled lets see ... a nazi, thug, fascist, moron, oppressor ... lol.

Lefty cartoonists have it made, they can shelter behind an aura of righteousness while dishing invective that is at times WAY more racist than anything a cartoonist on the right could ever hope to get away with. Look at the Condoleezza Rice representations they trotted out - Uncle Sam's "brown sugar" etc.

Rall has discovered how to exploit his cosy little cultural niche to the max. Thing is he needs to be extreme ... makes up for other deficits. Shock and insult, as any kid knows, get the attention that genuine insights ... however profound ... don't.

Posted by: raskolnikov | 2005-02-26 8:52:49 PM

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