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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lebanon Stands Up!

Le Devoir reports from Beirut:

L'opposition libanaise, réunie en séance plénière, a annoncé hier soir un «soulèvement pour l'indépendance» et réclamé un «gouvernement de transition» qui assure le retrait syrien et supervise le scrutin législatif prévu au printemps.


Les membres de l'opposition ont souligné leur «refus de considérer [l'assassinat de Hariri comme] un crime comme un autre et de reprendre une vie politique normale» et décidé la «suspension de tout débat politique ou juridique avant que la vérité ne se fasse».

Translation: the Lebanese opposition is attempting to peacefully take power and switch to a transitional government to drive out the Syrians and hold an election in the spring. "We refuse to recognize [the murder of Rafic Hariri] as a crime like any other and continue political life like everything is normal!" Emphasis and (poor) translation mine.

God Bless Them.

Canada, as a similarly French and English speaking nation (not to mention our sizable Lebanese community) has a duty to add a voice to the chorus of nations demanding, and ready to fight, for Syrian withdrawal [in accordance with UN resolution 1559]!

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PM P.Martin (The Economist's Mr. Dithers) has told us the Syrians are occupying Lebanon to keep the peace.

The End.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-02-19 2:24:04 PM

Iraqis want the occupying forces out, lots of saudis have asked the US troops to withdraw from their land. May be US is too near to canada than syria...so we should be trying to convince Mr.bush first..

anyway let the lebonese get what they want soon!!1

Posted by: Anand | 2005-02-21 4:17:12 PM

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