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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Fraser Institute on budget

Most of the post-budget talk is about the tiny tax cuts, a child care program and investment in the military. But as Jason Clemens, director of fiscal studies at the Fraser Institute, and Niels Veldhuis, its senior research economist, note: "Program spending has increased 50.9 per cent since 1997, well beyond the rate of economic growth, increases in population, or inflation. In addition, Canadians should be particularly concerned with the huge increase in spending undertaken this current fiscal year: $16.7 billion, a 12 percent increase. " There is more to being fiscal responsible than merely balancing the budget. The cost of not cutting spending is serious tax cuts: "The government's proclivity for spending continues unabated at the expense of meaningful tax relief that would address some of Canada's more pressing economic problems, such as stagnating incomes and slower productivity growth."

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Surely the Liberals will only be overthrown when the Conservatives relentlessly push for substantial tax and spending cuts. As long as Harper is seen as ok with profligate spending why would a marginal Liberal supporter vote Tory? Harper should force an election and immediately publish an alternative budget with major personal and business tax cuts and wholesale culling of government programs. Let the chips fall where they may. The Liberals would have to fight the election on their current plan.How will another year of liberal government help the Tories. Is the plan to wait for a recession? For Martin to be caught in a felony? For ethnic voters to punish the Liberals for sam sex marriage in two or three years? The only way for the Tories to win is by showing the voters a plan to substantially increase their wealth(in the thousands of dollars)now!

Posted by: M Shannon | 2005-02-24 9:58:51 PM

There is enough dirt on the Liberals to keep them out of office for decades to come. Unfortunately the Conservatives have not capitalized on the opportunities the Liberals have left wide open for them. As a Conservative myself, I am doing everything I can to take the relentless Liberal incompetence and corruption and drive them into the ground with it. I encourage every other Conservative to work painstakingly to expose the Liberals for exactly what they are. Oh, and exactly what they are includes corrupt, power-hungry, spendthrift, incompetent, NOT to be trusted, destructive, perhaps even traitorous, and above all others socialist, just to name a few.

Posted by: Chris O'Neill | 2005-02-24 10:59:12 PM

Tax releif will address productivity growth?

Posted by: keving | 2005-02-25 8:28:32 AM

If I save up my new tax cut for a whole month, I can buy a cup of coffee. Times are good.

Posted by: Joel | 2005-02-25 9:01:43 AM

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