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Friday, February 18, 2005

Fighting Obesity

Now that all the great and the good are convinced of the virtues of the fight against obesity, I'm sure they'll be supportive of a private initiative that actually takes the condition seriously. After all, obesity is the hottest, politically correct public health concern of the day, so how could any right-thinking progressive object to any private measures that combat it?

On that note, I'm sure they all hope this is just the beginning of a trend in workplace public health measures:

On Monday, the flashy Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, known for its cleavage-baring booze servers, will start weighing all its "Borgata Babes" — and those who gain more than 7 percent will lose their jobs unless they lose the weight.

The new policy has infuriated women's groups and the waitress' union — but the hotel said it was merely advocating for its guests.

Of course the hotel really should dress up their justification in more self-righteous rhetoric for PR purposes.

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This hotel needs new management. There is a large and vibrant Italian community in and around Atlantic City. So surely a few extra pounds on a few of the gals couldn't hurt.

"Girls who wear glasses don't get passes." Perhaps.

On the other hand, though, "girls without hips don't get tips".
Especially if the client is Italian.

Since when does holding a business degree make one an expert in "breast size appreciation", anyhow?

Posted by: J.P. | 2005-02-20 10:13:59 AM

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