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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eiffel Tower repossessed

Brian Micklethwait reports at Samizdata that SNTE, the company that maintains the Eiffel Tower, "adorned it with a distinctive lighting display, copyrighted the design, and in one feel swoop, reclaimed the nighttime image and likeness of the most popular monument on earth. In short: they changed the actual likeness of the tower, and then copyrighted that. As a result, it's no longer legal to publish current photographs of the Eiffel Tower at night without permission." (More about this here.) Micklethwait then makes a few observations about what it means for the intellectual property rights of open-air photography and internet display. It appears that there will be follow-up, perhaps at CNE Intellectual Property, as he is just beginning to explore this fascinating issue.

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