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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Domino Theory

The Domino Theory was what foreign policy analysts called the expansion of the Soviet Empire -- every country that fell to the Communists increased momentum and pressure for more to fall. It was all about bad news.

Today the Domino Theory could describe the seeds of freedom in Arabia. Afghanistan is downright placid; Iraq still buzzes from its election success; Lebanon, one of the most Westernized of Arab lands, has decided to pit "people power" against Syrian tanks.

Here are some pix of anti-Syria protests in Lebanon.

Leb1_1 Leb2_1 Leb3_1


And even Egypt, the largest Arab dictatorship, is showing signs of cracking.

Let freedom ring!


Posted by Ezra Levant on February 22, 2005 | Permalink


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Awesome pics ... Gives me goose bumps. Let freedom indeed "ring" !

Posted by: raskolnikov | 2005-02-22 5:37:20 PM

The irony is that when Newfoundlanders and Albertans protest for freedom, they take down the flag and hide it.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-02-22 8:51:29 PM

What has that Texan cowboy moron started?

Even Ted Koppel had influential author Malcolm Gladwell on Nightline talking about whether a "Tipping Point" had been reached in the Middle East.

Posted by: TimR | 2005-02-23 1:34:06 AM

My guess is Bush is preparing to withdraw the troops from Iraq...via the port of Beirut. Syria just happens to be in the way - both geographically and politically. How convenient.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-02-23 1:40:11 AM

I'm afraid I don't get Scott's point about 'Syria' being in the way. The democratization of Iraq was meant to set up a domino effect, and it has. The people themselves, want democracy, and are taking control. That's a monumental result of the Iraq War - and it's all to Bush's credit.
Read Mark Steyn for the REAL reason Canada and that corrupt Chretien stayed out of the Iraq War. For Chretien, it's all about oil - and his family's fortune in contracts with Hussein.

Maybe the Albertans and Newfoundlanders take down the Canadian flag because Canada hasn't enabled and empowered them. I'll continue to rant - Canada is in a state of serious democratic decay. The Ottawa federalist gov't is unaccountable, corrupt and operates via a clique that is focused on Quebec interests. The rest of the country can tumble in the wind...

Why haven't Canadians challenged the Ontario Superior Court judge, who ruled that electors have NO right to expect honesty in campaigns from their politicians. The judge said that politicians, during their campaigns, lie, and it is naive for the citizen to hold them to their promises. He said the solution is to merely 'vote them out' next time.
But wait. Doesn't that mean that, during his tenure, that politician is unaccountable? We can't expect the truth during the election; we can't expect the truth after the election. We can't hold them accountable....

Effectively, this judge has told us that politicians are totally unaccountable. We see that in our gov't system, politicians can launder money and evade accountability even when we set up an inquiry. They may ask us to elect them on the basis of campaign promises, but, we've been told that they are, during these campaigns, expected to lie to us. After the election, there is no accountability.

When I've tried to find journal articles on this really astonishing Ontario Superior Court ruling, that politicians are not accountable - there is almost nothing.

What's the matter with Canadian democracy?

Posted by: ET | 2005-02-23 11:28:03 AM

I meant that the US and its allies should take down the Assad regime on their way home via Beirut. Call it taking out the trash. They can do it.

Canadian democracy doesn't work because Canada is an unequal country. Only Ontario people matter because of their population. They have the power to get whatever they want from the Federals - free tax money, cushy trade deals, cheap natural resources. All other states exist to serve Ontario's needs.

The result of this inequality is racism. All non-whites and non-Ontarians are treated with contempt for reasons beyond their control. Social mobility in Canada does not exist. It's either stay where you are, and accept second-class status, or leave. In Alberta, for example, there is genuine equality among people and races, regardless of Ontario's assertions to the contrary. The problem with Canada is that unity is on Ontario's terms or not at all. Well, I choose not at all.

In this light, the similarities between Alberta and the United States are obvious. Americans are equal - no one group has absolute hegemony over the others. Their society is far from perfect, but no one's is. I ask: what do we have to lose if Alberta secedes and joins the United States? My answer: our slave chains.

To paraphrase Muhammad Ali: No American ever called me redneck, but many Ontarians have, and I speak from personal experience.

Let's be done with these rich people. Leaving them to their own devices is the worst possible thing we could do to them.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-02-23 2:48:39 PM

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