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Friday, February 04, 2005

Anti-Christian bigotry

Imagine the outrage if a media outlet refused to sell an ad to a minority group -- say Jews, or Muslims, or even gays. Well, no need to imagine, actually -- Canada has plenty of human rights decisions punishing any such media, even if they are privately owned media.

So where is the peep of protest when the CBC refuses to run an ad for a lecture about families, held at a Christian college? The ad makes no reference to Christianity. It's not a missionary event -- it's a lecture. But the CBC refused it.

According to the CBC's own website, it is "concerned viewers might think the public broadcaster is endorsing a certain religion."

Well, I do believe the CBC is endorsing a certain religion: militant secular humanism, utterly intolerant of anyone who dares hold conservative religious views, especially Christians.

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Funny how a television station that is worried viewers might perceive it as "endorsing a certain religion" has no problem at all channelling (pun intended) progressive cultural and social views through programs like ZedTV, Passionate Eye, and late night indie films (speaking of which, my personal favourite was this short film in which socks used as muppets were acting out this "lonely housewife looking for an affair" drama. Watching sock muppets simulate sex is just what we need). So much for CBC's supposed neutrality.

Posted by: Clement Ng | 2005-02-04 5:02:28 PM

Coronation Street is the only reason to watch CBC.

Posted by: circe | 2005-02-05 2:26:51 PM

circe wrote:

"Coronation Street is the only reason to watch CBC."

No, the only program worth watching on CBC is Hockey Night in Canada (whenever that will come back on).

Posted by: Clement Ng | 2005-02-05 3:10:55 PM


You are right once again.

Posted by: Pat C | 2005-02-05 5:24:47 PM

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