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Monday, February 14, 2005

Another shameless plug

Two items to report about my book Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal.

First, if any readers will be in Ottawa on Friday, February 18, I'm going to be signing books in room in 356 S in the Senate Building from 12-2:30 in the afternoon. It is an open invitation so I hope to meet a few of you there.

Second, Freedom Press (Canada) Inc., will refund S&H charges this week only when you order Jean Chretien: A Legacy of Scandal. If you order by mail, don't bother adding the $5 shipping and handling fee but please send a note to the effect that you are taking advantage of the February special (marking Chretien's performance before the Gomery Inquiry last week). If you order at the website, Freedom Press will reimburse you with a cheque when they send the book. (Why not just take it off the price? Apparently the way Paypal is set up, such promotions are not easy to do.) And while many of you will know why Chretien was a sleaze bag, the book makes a great gift for those who need reminding about the arrogance of the Liberal Party.

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