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Saturday, February 19, 2005

All the news that fits the agenda Part II

I will happily use your title Mr. Tuns.  You had to know that the Toronto Star was not blameless in this whole thing as well.

Rempelia Prime links to an article in the Toronto Star regarding MP Stephen Harper's opening speech in the Same-Sex Marriage debate in the House of Commons and his "playing politics with the past". To counter MP Harper, Tonda MacCharles interviews several human rights experts.

What is not mentioned is that they are activist members of the left. Audrey Kobayashi is a feminist Geography Professor at Queens. Patrick Case is an LGBT activist at the University of Guelph. He and other interviewees Judy Hamazawa and Yves Savoie signed a petition decrying the Conservative newspaper ads regarding the issue and called on him to recognize SSM. Finally Yves Savoie is openly gay.

Let me be clear, I have no problem with any of the people quoted in the article playing an activist role in this issue. Bill C-38 has important implications for the future of Canada and it deserves a vigorous debate. This debate is well served by the opinions of those quoted on the issue of SSM itself. However the way in which they were quoted was disingenuous. They were asked to comment on MP Harper's comments on human rights with respect to the turning away of Jewish people and the internment of the Japanese during WWII. Kobayashi, Case, Hanazawa et al are not disinterested observers in this debate and in fact they have every reason to counter MP Harper's arguments. This activism and bias is never declared in the Toronto Star article.

This "hidden agenda" is a dishonest way of presenting an argument. In the age of Google, the Toronto Star should know better. This issue is too important to not have all the facts on the table. More details on the people quoted in the Star article can be found here

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Great stuff. In future, if you could get it to me by 6 AM, I'd be pleased to link you in my press review


Posted by: Norman Spector | 2005-02-19 2:00:24 PM


Right On! I, too, was astounded at the disingenous use of biased quotes by MacCharles. This is not the first time she has misled the Star's readers by pretending that the personal views of those she quotes represent the "official" views of the organizations or communities to which they belong.


Posted by: Brian | 2005-02-19 2:38:01 PM

Thanks Norman,

6 am Eastern or Western time?

Posted by: Greg Staples | 2005-02-19 3:08:06 PM

Eastern; 7am at the outside

Posted by: Norman Spector | 2005-02-19 4:23:29 PM

"Human rights experts" ????????


Such nonsense. Such blather. Such much malarkey.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-02-19 4:36:56 PM

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