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Saturday, February 19, 2005

All the news that fits the agenda

The Globe and Mail reports that Famous Players has stopped showing ads advocating same-sex marriage which were produced by Canadian for Equal Marriage and run (sort of) gratis. (Salah Bachir, president of Famous Players Media, the advertising arm of the theatre chain, paid for the advertising himself.) The story quotes various Famous Players and Famous Player Media executives saying that they ended the campaign because of abusive calls including death threats. Earlier this month, the Canadian Family Action Coalition, the Catholic Civil Rights League, REAL Women, Campaign Life Coalition and the EPC Centre called for a boycott of Famous Players until they 1) stoppped running the ads and 2) gave equal free time to the pro-traditional marriage side. During the course of discussions with Famous Players it was discovered that the cineplex chain was scheduled to end the ad campaign on February 18. LifeSiteNews.com reported this on Tuesday. Nowhere in today's Globe and Mail story does it mention that fact. It seems that Famous Players and the Globe saw an opportunity to use the boycott as a way to delegitimize those who oppose same-sex marriage. This is not to say that some individuals did not cross the line in their letters and calls to Famous Players. But it is clear that aggressive and foolish correspondence was not the cause of the end of the pro-gay marriage ads. Shame on Famous Players and the Globe for implying such was the case.

Clarification: While it is true that Nuria Bronfman, vice president of corporate affairs for Famous Players, told the Globe and Mail (in the paper's words) that it "would be erroneous to say the slides are being pulled because of the boycott or of opposition," it is clear that the impression that the Globe wanted to give was that they were pulled because of the threats. The question remains: why not tell the whole story that these ads were to be discontinued after February 18?

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It does not appear he read the article or perhaps he did and it was soaked up by the SpongeBob Toy he keep hidden in the closet.

Posted by: Rick Barnes | 2005-02-19 7:40:50 PM

CTV also carried this story on its national newscast last night abbreviated (dumbed down?) for the television audience. No mention was made of the fact that the ads had come "to the end of their natural cycle". Implicit was that the ads were stopped because of threats.

CTV Newsnet was also running this headline on their ticker:
'Famous Players cuts same-sex ads after threats'

So if "it would be erroneous to say the slides are being pulled because of the boycott or of the opposition", why is CTV reporting it as if it were?

No attempt to mislead anyone here is there Rahbert?

The more curious aspect of this story is that suddenly the national media is covering a boycott after the fact. Normally, MSM loves a boycott - remember the coverage even the threat of a Wal-mart boycott received?

Posted by: TimR | 2005-02-20 7:49:24 AM

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