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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Adrienne Clarkson Presents .. a dumb idea

The Governor-General should stick to ballet or whatever else is on her elitist mind because having two women's teams compete for the Stanley Cup is perhaps the stupidest idea to come to hockey since Gary Bettman awarded a franchise to Disney. At risk of sounding chauvanistic, I find women's hockey to be incredibly slow-moving and dull, and had there not been a chance of seeing a woman rip off her jersey and skate around in a sports bra, I probably wouldn've have even watched the gold medal final from Salt Lake. Sure, the girls get their emotions up during the Olympics and World Championships but high spirits do not an exciting game make. If Clarkson was any sort of a hockey fan, she's understand this and keep her trap shut.

Even Cassie Campbell, the great woman player, agrees:

"For us, it's about fighting to have our own championship and one that's eventually going to be just as prestigious as the Stanley Cup is now," Campbell said. "Hopefully we have an NHL-type season and we have more teams across the country and across North America, and that's where my connection is.

"It's not really about playing for the Stanley Cup. That already exists. It's about creating one for women's hockey."

There is an idea making the rounds, however, which I do find very interesting. As we all know, the Stanley Cup was originally awarded to the top amateur team in the Dominion. As there are now several trophies awarded to the various amateur levels of play -- the Allan Cup for seniors, the Memorial Cup for major junior -- perhaps a one-time tournament could be held to decided this year's winners. The most likely teams would be the national Junior 'A' champs, the CIS men's champs, and the winners of the Memorial and Allan Cups. Hold the challenge at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto in a round-robin format, with the top two teams competing in a best-of-three final. Man, the TV ratings would be through the roof.

This would be a once-in-a-lifetime event, talked about for years to come. Just like the Heritage Classic (remember that game played in a football stadium a few year's back? I think it involved Wayne Gretzky playing Jarome Iginla, or something to that effect). If nothing else, this would satisfy Lord Stanley's intent when he first presented the trophy to a young Scotty Bowman all those years ago.

This speaks much of the mindset of the GG. In attempting to do the best for "our game" and involving everyone in the sport, she had to pick the politically correct side of the argument. Had she had the opportunity, I'll bet she would also suggest having the top disabled teams challenge for hockey's ultimate prize, or the top native teams, or the top native women's disabled teams. From Quebec. Anyone except the best team currently in the realm, apparently.

Isn't her term done yet?

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Our Adrienne just isn't stupid enough. If her "hindness" would have the kindness to find me some high-heeled skates, I'd form a gay team!

As I pull a "Betty Grable" ( that's a gay hockey move!) Adrienne could cross-check the seams of my nylons!

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2005-02-23 8:12:37 AM

Great idea, just as long as I get to be the towel boy.

Posted by: Huck | 2005-02-23 8:15:21 AM

Adrienne should create the Clarkson Cup and present it to the winner of the NWHL this March.

Posted by: Don | 2005-02-23 8:30:50 AM

Ahhh. Queen Adrienne. Patronizing, condescending, sophist and arrogant. When are we ever going to get rid of her? She's done more damage to the position of G-G than anyone could imagine. She loves, loves the position; loves to spend our money; preens at having all bow before her; and, I'm sure, is plotting to somehow, be G-G 'in perpetuum'.
Our glorious leader, Mr. Dithers, is spineless enough to allow her to swing him by his NDP tail. (By that, I mean that Martin is the pet dog of the NDP; he'll bark their talk, just go ensure he gets votes. That's what his blather about SSM is all about - as well as the Missile Chatter.)

Posted by: ET | 2005-02-23 11:12:27 AM

Isn't this what we would expect from Her Royal Highness. I read that she felt it was her place to opine on the Cup because Lord Stanley held the post of GG when he established the trust.

Perhaps Queen Adrainne could send the Prince Consort down to the basement to rummage around for any evidence that Cdn taxpayer's money was used to buy the original cup. If it was maybe she could make herself useful and pin her military medals to her chest, muster a battalion and lead a march across the boder to Tampa to reclaim what is rightfully hers. Then she can give it to whoever the ---- she wants.

Posted by: mike | 2005-02-23 11:55:46 AM

Although I usually disagree with everything Clarkson says, I am not totally opposed to this.

Let me frame it another way. The GG fighting to have the Stanley Cup awarded and not hijacked by the NHL for a year is probably the most useful thing she has done in her term.

Posted by: Tach | 2005-02-23 2:25:31 PM

If Clarkson was really trying to save the Stanley Cup from being hijacked by a bunch of greedy unionists, I wouldn't have a problem with it. My issue is that she's placing Feminism above the sport of hockey itself, picking a team merely on her own whims of what sport should be -- an institution run by feminists -- instead of picking the best teams who would qualify.

And by "best team", I truly mean the best this country has to offer. The four champions I listed above would be among the top amateur teams in the land, if not the world; they would wipe the floor with any national women's team any day of the week and it's foolish to consider otherwise. If any amateur team deserves a chance at the Stanley Cup, seeing as how the NHL has abdicated its responsibility, it will be one of these four.

Posted by: Rob Huck | 2005-02-23 4:06:43 PM

the above is an extremely offensive and ignorant response to the idea of women playing for the stanley cup. i think its just plain inaccuarte to call women's hockey slow moving and dull. and the comment about only watching women's hockey to see "a woman rip off her jersey and skate around in a sports bra" is disgusting and if you are too caught up in mainting male hegemony in sports and cannot appreciate sport on the basis of the skill of the players regardless of gender, you should "shut your trap." you are misinterpreting cassie campbell's quote, i think she should would adamently disagree with everything you had to say. what the quote means is that women are not going to fill in as a shitty second best to men while they are on "strike," for a single season. women's sports deserves the same respect as men's sports and should be celebrated on its own accord. on top of being patriarchal your last paragraph reveals you as racist and ableist. your point of view has zero credibility.

Posted by: dennis | 2005-03-06 3:27:49 PM

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