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Friday, February 18, 2005

A right turn for the Charest government?

Quebec Premier Jean Charest has just made a major cabinet shuffle. The most important change took place in the Finance portfolio: Michel Audet will replace Yves Séguin as Minister of Finance.

When Yves Séguin made his first budget speech in June 2003, he said in true libertarian fashion that "rather than asking what the state can do for us, we should ask ourselves what we can do without it." At this time, most people thought that dirigisme was over and that major cuts in taxes, regulations and government spending were on the way.

But this is not what happened. The budget presented by Séguin in March 2004 was, as he described it in his own words, "a social democratic budget." After Séguin resigned today, he said he saw himself as "a social conscience" in the Charest government.

The new Minister of Finance, Michel Audet, is said by most analysts to be more right-wing than Séguin. The next budget will soon be tabled and we will see if it will be the budget Séguin should have delivered a year ago.

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