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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Canadian government and the media

I mentioned it as a comment to another post; I thought I'd do a post on it, too. Here are my recent comments to the Canadian Senate about government intervention in the media. (Scroll down -- I was after Ben Chin.)

I hope my comments reflect not only our magazine's editorial principles, but our business principles, too.

Posted by Ezra Levant on January 20, 2005 | Permalink


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Thanks for the link Ezra, that was interesting reading. But you let the cat out of the bag when you said this:

"The CBC is proof of that. The official voice of Canada is actually not an expression of the values held by many millions of Canadians. I would imagine that if the Fox News Channel were on basic cable, it would immediately outstrip CBC Newsworld in terms of viewership. You cannot impose values upon people."

It's too bad you didn't mention Alberta's own CKUA when the subject of radio came up. It's a perfect example of listener-funded, listener-driven radio that has a surprising world-wide reach (via the internet) without the benefit of government largesse. And in my opinion is far superior to CBC One.

Posted by: TimR | 2005-01-20 6:18:21 PM

As a CKUA listener, I concur. I'm always happy to send them my donation.

Posted by: Sean | 2005-01-20 6:24:25 PM

Wow, what a refreshing read. Thank you, Mr. Levant, for making such a principled case for complete government/media separation.

Posted by: Mark | 2005-01-20 8:49:20 PM

I also enjoyed reading your testimony, but I must say, I cringe anytime I hear someone refer to Drudge Report as a blog. Or Neale News for that matter. I would call these "linkers" or news clearinghouses. Even the venerated InstaPundit, in my opinion -- although he provides and invaluable service to blog readers -- barely qualifies as a blog, by my definition. As to the question that was posed to you about how the Internet might be affecting, or used to affect, literacy, I would point out that I have never enjoyed reading so much in my life as I have since the explosion of the blogosphere. The variety of style and content is enormous. Just as important to the actual content, in terms of its literacy value, is the medium and the actual mechanics of consuming information via a web browser. With a right-click you haven instant, contextual, reference material at your finger-tips... dictionaries, encyclopedias, translators. The "process" of information consumption, and thus literacy and education, is being continually refined through technology. The seismic shift in media dynamics, I fear, is still lost on many decision makers. Here endeth the hastily typed, semi-coherent rant.

Posted by: Homer Bombeck | 2005-01-21 10:52:15 AM

Congratulations Ezra! You did an incredible job, as usual.

Posted by: Tom | 2005-01-22 8:59:05 PM

Keeping the Liberals' feet to the fire as usual, Ezra. Well done indeed. I am posting a link on my own site as well.

Still the best debater I've ever seen! Just like in 1991.

Posted by: The Monger | 2005-01-22 9:05:34 PM

Can't believe I missed this post before. Very well done, Ezra. I will be renewing my WS subscription shortly. :-)

Posted by: Sean | 2005-01-22 9:35:03 PM

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