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Monday, January 17, 2005

No Thanks

Just what the flying public has been clamouring for - a 308 ton excuse for losing your luggage.

Though - no one has yet tried to actually fly the thing. There's a remote chance that Airbus has invested $10.7 billion developing the worlds largest taxi.

Posted by Kate McMillan on January 17, 2005 in Travel | Permalink


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Howard Hughes's Spruce Goose flew only once. Pilot: Howard Hughes.

Posted by: gg | 2005-01-17 8:01:14 PM

I can just imagine how long it would take to load and unload. "At this time, 2.5 hours before the flight, we ask passengers in rows 340 to 330 to begin boarding. First class passengers of course may board at any time."

Thanks but no thanks.

Posted by: Ginna Dowler | 2005-01-18 8:13:41 AM

I never heard what they're calling this aircraft. Airbus VBTA -- Very Big Target Aircraft?

RAND Corporation has just released a study on the feasibility of protecting civilian airliners against shoulder-fired missiles. The press release is here:


Posted by: Charles MacDonald | 2005-01-25 3:07:26 PM

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