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Monday, January 17, 2005


"I'm not envious of the comparative state of freedom in the US: I honestly think we can do better, as history has shown." - Freeway to Serfdom

Jay Jardine brings us the 13th edition of the Red Ensign Standard. Go check it out.

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This is off topic but I feel everyone should know about this.

Kleenex is made out of ancient forests!

Can you believe it? Kimberly-Clark, the manufacturer of Kleenex brand tissue products, is destroying forests in Canada that have been around since the last Ice Age, 10,000 years ago, to make something that is used once and then flushed down the toilet or thrown away. It's insane.

Greenpeace has just launched a new campaign to pressure Kimberly-Clark to stop wiping away ancient forests. The website, which is full of info, is at www.kleercut.net.

At this site there's also a pretty good action center where you can send a free fax to Kimberly-Clark telling them that they should stop destroying ancient forests to create toilet paper and facial tissue. The action center is at
www.kleercut.net/en/takeaction .

That's the last time I blow my nose with Kleenex.

Posted by: Earl | 2005-01-17 9:57:29 AM

Yes, just slightly off topic. Everyone remember Earl's final remark the next time he tries to shake your hand.

Posted by: Occam's Carbuncle | 2005-01-17 10:17:43 AM

Well, it sounds like those forests are pretty close to dead, anyway. 10,000 years is too long for a tree. Time to clear out the deadwood.


Posted by: Kate | 2005-01-17 10:27:09 AM

Cool. Now I'm going to use twice as much Kleenex.

Posted by: Sean | 2005-01-17 10:32:04 AM

Right, send Kimberly Clark a fax to protest forest depletion. Is this a troll?

Posted by: dr_dog | 2005-01-17 4:27:37 PM

The comments in here are exactly why we can't do better in any meaningful way. Tne comments reflect two tendencies in Shotgun ... digression into banal asides or retreat into irony.

The so-called right in Canada is characterized by postures of defeatism. I wouldn't characterize leisure time for posturing as "doing better". If parlor games and witty rejoinders are the measure of our 'new world order' then I suppose we are in a league of our own.

"Tentative" is the word that comes to mind ... but ever so damn witty all the same ... and so, dare I say it ... Canadian.

Posted by: Aidan | 2005-01-17 6:00:43 PM

The Kleenex Krisis is a piece of spam on its second iteration:


Probably Greenpeace has shifted its priorities slightly, and is now raising money to send workers to the Tsunami region in order to warn people against accepting Canadian donations of old-growth toilet paper.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2005-01-17 7:38:18 PM

Is that single or double ply Justzumgai? We have to be compassionate about the rectal sensitivities of our recipients.

Posted by: Aidan | 2005-01-17 7:54:31 PM

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