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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ein Familienfest

While Canada continues down the failed path of gun control, absurd, pointless registries and generally trying to socially ostracize firearm owners, Switzerland is taking a far more enlightened approach:

The greatest shooting festival in the world for youngsters takes place every year in Zurich, Switzerland. Imagine thousands of boys and girls shooting military service rifle over three days amid an enormous fair with ferris wheels and wild rides of all kinds. You’re at the Knabenschiessen (boys’ shooting contest).

Held since the year 1657, the competition traditionally has been both a sport and a way of encouraging marksmanship in a country where every male serves in the militia army. Today, girls compete along side the boys. In fact, girls are now winning the competition. [...]

It was a real family affair. Besides watching their older siblings, children aged 8 to 15 competed in air pistol and air rifle events. In air pistol, the guns are supported by vertical braces. Youngsters are coached by more knowledgeable youngsters.

Teaching responsible handling of firearms at a young age sounds like a far better idea than building idiotic registries.

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Fun and safe shooting events for kids! Horror! That is the last thing the feds want. The whole point of Canadian gun control is to gradualy make shooting something only strange old men do. Canadian gun control has nothing to do with crime or safety. It is only about changing the culture of the country to a vision more in keeping with the faculty lounge at the U of T. Fight the feds and do the country a favour: take a youngster shooting and have a safe and enjoyable day at the range or in the field.

Posted by: M Shannon | 2005-01-26 6:13:36 PM

If anyone is interested, in the February issue of America's First Freedom, a magazine of the National Rifle Association (yes, I'm a member of the dreaded organization), your gun registry is mentioned.

The brief piece has the title "Canada Gun Registry $1,314,000,000 Over Budget, Won't Work Until 2007."

Posted by: Greg outside Dallas | 2005-01-27 12:53:51 PM

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