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Friday, January 07, 2005

Concern for the environment, Hollywood style

We've all been lectured by those Hollywood leftists about the need for us little people to cut down on energy use, support Kyoto and the rest.  But then given their hobbies it doesn't appear we should stop developing the tar sands just yet.

Here's an article about Jay Leno racing his 8900 pound 1792 cubic inch V12 Tankrod against an M1A1 tank.

Eventually, the M1 and the Tankrod line up, the tank on dirt, the car on a quarter-mile stretch of ragged pavement. We figured a 17-second head start for the M1A1 would create a photo finish based on some preliminary runs with the Tankrod. They showed Leno's rod hitting 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and the quarter-mile trap in 14.7 seconds at 93 mph. [...]

Later, Leno replaced the overwhelmed bus transmission with a six-speed Allison automatic. Instead of 2 or 3 mpg, the Tankrod's mileage rocketed to about 5. "You know," says Leno, "it's Southern California. You want to do what you can for the environment and everything . . ."—he spots a gas station—"Hey, let's throw in a quick hundred." [...]

Back in Barstow, the Army invites the whole group to shoot off a few rounds. The 120mm computer-controlled cannon can track targets while the tank is in motion and calculates trajectories based on every conceivable variable: wind velocity, barometric pressure, the current state lotto jackpot. Simply aim the red crosshairs in the gunner's digital video sight between your enemy's toes and FOOOM! the armor-piercing sabot—a 10-pound finned rod of ultra-hard depleted uranium that moves at 5480 feet per second—won't scrape the fungus.

Sounds like way more fun than the One Tonne Challenge. (Via Tim Blair. )

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It never ceases to amuse me that while having no use for Kyoto, I continue to be more environmentally concious than my lefty friends. Heck, we all took the OTC together and not one of them was able to come close my score. They were all somewhat chagrined:


Posted by: Sean | 2005-01-07 12:43:45 PM

2.19? Amazing! How the heck do you manage that when you live in Ontario with its cold winters? I don't suppose you'd mind posting the breakdown of your score? It would be neat to see where you're kicking butt. :)

Posted by: Sean | 2005-01-07 2:14:34 PM

I saw a a long haired middle-aged hippy in our local mall, putting groceries into the back of a hulking SUV with HUGE tires. On the rear window were various stickers proclaiming "Save Our Trees" and "Pollution Kills" lol.

See any irony there? I sure as hell do.

Posted by: Aidan Maconachy | 2005-01-07 2:24:02 PM

Heh, yeah, that seems to be par for the course. Maybe Leno should sit down and have a chat with Brad Pitt?


Posted by: Sean | 2005-01-07 2:34:10 PM

Hey Roberto, does you 2.19 include the extra energy used by the double post?

Posted by: MortalStrife | 2005-01-07 3:22:12 PM

1.02 tonnes for a household of five, with no effort whatsoever to be environmentally responsible.

Posted by: mgl | 2005-01-07 3:46:54 PM

"1.02 tonnes for a household of five, with no effort whatsoever to be environmentally responsible."

We prefer separate beds in our house.

Posted by: 8isEnuf | 2005-01-07 4:26:45 PM

I scored 5.23. I have dicovered I can:

avoid recycling
avoid composting
speed excessively
avoid using engery star appliances

and I can still come in under the National average.

Wow I am proud of my achievement.

Posted by: Gareth Igloliorte | 2005-01-08 11:37:04 AM

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