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Monday, January 24, 2005

Canada saved by global warming!

This article on global warming puts a different spin on it:

Humans may have unwittingly saved themselves from a looming ice age by interfering with the Earth’s climate, according to a new study.

The findings from a team of American climate experts suggest that were it not for greenhouse gases produced by humans, the world would be well on the way to a frozen Armageddon. [...]

At the peak of the last ice age, which began 70,000 years ago, 97% of Canada was covered by ice.

The research showed that without the human contribution to global warming, Baffin Island would today be in a condition of “incipient glaciation”. “Portions of Labrador and Hudson Bay would also have moved very close to such a state had greenhouse gas concentrations followed natural trends,” said the scientists.

Of course this is just a computer model, and as we all should know by now you can produce a computer model of the climate to show anything you want. The challenge is to demonstrate that the model accurately reflects the real world we live in.

But this article at least highlights the point that even if we are affecting the climate it is entirely possible that the impact is beneficial rather than harmful. The record of human history has shown cold spells to be vastly more harmful than warm periods.

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The words, "incipient glaciation" , are as scary as, "social justice".
Kyoto deserves death.

My air-tight stove works best on cold, clear, moonlight nights; BTU's aplenty; beech, yellow birch, etc. provides 8 heats, (from tree fall to stove loading), not including the ashes which go back to earth.

Down with Kyoto accord.

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-01-24 6:53:39 PM

I've always thought that the biggest problem the global warming activists had with selling their case to Canadians was that for most of us global warning seems like a great idea in the middle of January

Posted by: Christopher | 2005-01-24 7:36:57 PM

Alberta should not participate in ANY Kyoto discussions or programs until the Federals lift the exemption given to Ontario's auto industry.

Either everyone pays, or no one does. No special treatment!

Posted by: Scott | 2005-01-24 8:31:22 PM

Where's that dude that keeps leaving comments unrelated to the posts now? You know, that guy that gave the lecture on smoking, and then taught us couple of days later that Kleenex is made from ancient 10,000 year old trees? Your thoughts would be interesting on this...

Posted by: ld | 2005-01-25 12:32:42 PM

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