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Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Unknown Ideal

I am tired of hearing the sports media talk about the "free market" as it relates to the hockey labour dispute.

So I have written a really really really long post about it over at The Meatriarchy.

Here is a small sample:

All other unions negotiate the salary of their members at one collective bargaining agreement. The salaries (hourly rates) are fixed for the term of the contract. This gives labour the money they want and management “cost certainty".

However in professional sports if you try this it is called a “salary cap” and is for some reason the devils handiwork. If you are an owner advocating such a cap you are to be scorned by the tweed jacket and bearded set that write for the sports sections of various papers because you are somehow a free market hypocrite.

The real hypocrites are the players in this case. If you want a free market for your services then you shouldn’t be in a union. Sorry a union by it’s very nature is anti-free market

If this hasn't bored you to death you can read the rest here.

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