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Friday, December 10, 2004

The treason trend

Another U.S. soldier has been caught in a deception aimed at undermining the U.S. war effort. Army Sergeant Dennis Edwards has been telling high school audiences a tale of horror on the Iraqi battlefields, where he and his colleagues murdered a 10-year-old Iraqi boy. And all this suffering, he said, was all because Bush of going to war over a "personal vendetta" against Saddam Hussein.

The story was made up.

Earlier this week, U.S. soldiers acted as foils for a Chatanooga Times Free Press reporter who planted antagonistic questions with them in an audience with Donald Rumsfeld. And there's Jimmy Massey the AWOL Marine living in Toronto, appealing for refugee status, spreading terrible stories about his "psychopathic" comrades who he claims enjoyed killing unarmed civilians, all part of his craven bid to avoid being tried for desertion.

Edwards faces a court martial and could be stripped of his rank for his lies. And hopefully the Canadian government will soon put an end to this nonsense with Massey and deport him swiftly to face justice as he rightfully should.

Lying and smearing those soldiers who are out there risking their lives should be dealt with severely. After all, if the military doesn't deal with this now, who knows what kind of damage these lying, betraying soldiers could do to their country?

UPDATE: Silly me. No meaningful discussion of traitorous American soldiers would be complete without mentioning Jeremy Hinzman who, on his ridiculous web site admits that he never joined the army to fight and that few soldiers have. For those keeping score, that makes him not only a betrayer of his country, but a giant callow moron, too.

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Hinzman and the other deserters will be able to ponder their mistakes for the next few years in Leavenworth. That is when they have a free minute.

I heard he wanted to attend the Univ of Toronto. Little does he know that it is not easy to get a student visa with a criminal record, which his dishonorable discharge will merit. He not only messed up his own life, but that of his wife and son - the same people for whom he deserted.

Taking his chances in Iraq was perhaps the better solution.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-12-11 4:43:28 AM

Oh don't worry about these treasonous soldiers being sent to Levenworth. A far more ingenius solution has been implemented to deal with these unloyal military men.


When whistleblowers blow the whistle they are treated as if insane, and then shipped out of the country for psychological assesment.

Stalin would be so proud... *sniff*

Posted by: MWW | 2004-12-11 5:56:51 PM

I sink zey are wimps ... any deectator worth his salt mine would bundle prisoner off to mental hospital, cram full of drugs, fry his brain viss electroshock treatment, lobotomize heem, zen kill heem. Not release heem viss an honorable discharge and let heem tell story to anyone who would leesten. Bah!

And it is totally inex-chusable zat patient would arrive in Germany wizout anyone beink able to understand why he eez zere. Vat kind of conspiracy is zat! Bah! I come back, I charge Boosh and Rumsfeldt wiz beink sheep in wolfs clozing and send to gulag.

Posted by: Josef Stalin | 2004-12-11 8:44:28 PM


What do you make of this Fallujah work camp dat is being set up in Fallujistan? A modernized version of Vorkuta or Solovetsky. Truly, these American Leaders are Comrades after our own heart.

Posted by: Comrade Dzerzhinsky | 2004-12-11 11:09:41 PM

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