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Friday, November 26, 2004

Yushchenko Poisoned II

I found the following that adds some clarity to Yushchekno poisoning story Kate McMillan posted eariler this week.  An expert on Ukraine, Anders Aslund of the Carnegie Endowment for Int'l Peace was interviewed on C-SPAN this morning (I assume he is an expert, otherwise why would he be interviewed)  and he said the following:

Interviewer: With regards to Yushchenko, I wanted to point this out, I read something where he had been poisoned. You can see the results there on his face. What happened and was that a political attack.

Anders Aslund: On the 6th of September Viktor Yushchenko had a dinner with the chairman of the security police in Ukraine. After this he was severally poisoned and it took a couple of days before they realized what had happened and they took him them to Austria. The Austrian medical staff told him that if had come 24 hours later he would have been permanently paralyzed for life [sic] and he had after this five different viruses and some chemical poison in his body.

I: Did they ever discover what it was? Who did it?

AA: It was, he was treated to late, so that they could not see fully where it came from but of course the full suspicion is on this dinner with the chairmen of the security police but it can’t be proven.

I: Why was he having that dinner?

AA: That we don’t know.

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I wonder if this could ever happen in Canada, or is the CBC too powerfull?

Posted by: Fred Oliver | 2004-11-26 6:07:17 PM

Leave it to The Guardian to come to the defense of the bully-boys:


At that rag they sure do love socialist thugs, don't they.

Posted by: David Crawford | 2004-11-26 9:41:46 PM

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