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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Yushchenko Poisoned?

What has happened to Ukraine's opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko?

Elapsed time: 5 months.

Posted by Kate McMillan on November 24, 2004 in International Politics | Permalink


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Looks like bad sushi to me.


Posted by: Don | 2004-11-24 11:41:28 AM

That is most disturbing.

Posted by: Ghost of a flea | 2004-11-24 1:14:55 PM

I see that the Liberals have done the right thing and officially rejected the results in Ukraine's elections.


Invisible ink in the ballot pens! Unbelievable.

Posted by: k | 2004-11-24 2:04:07 PM

Sweet mother of Dorian Grey!

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2004-11-24 4:30:32 PM

It's obvious, isn't it?
The Israelis got to him with some secret, untraceable acne-causing poison.

Posted by: Kevin Libin | 2004-11-24 5:02:46 PM

It looks like they dipped his face in acid. Horrible stuff. Vive la resistance! Let's hope tyranny falls in this proud Slavic nation.

Posted by: Michael Dabioch | 2004-11-24 7:13:35 PM

Dearest Editor Libin,

"It's obvious, isn't it?
The Israelis got to him with some secret, untraceable acne-causing poison."

I thought that you were above that sort of underhanded, mindless thing.

Don't tell me that you believe "60 Minutes" when they tell you in November, 1994 that Western Ukraine is a hotbed of "genetic anti-Semitism," then disbelieve them when they drag up 1970's MS Word documents?

By The Way, it was Morley Safer who reported November 1994's "The Ugly Face of Freedom". Safer learned journalism at the CBC, alongside Knowlton Nash; Morley said as much in "The 'Life and Times' of Knowlton Nash".

Posted by: John Herring | 2004-11-29 4:14:43 AM

Dear Editor Liblin,

A Supplement to earlier comments:

Before pinning the opposition as at least anti-Jewish, maybe you should read more about what Yanukovych supporters [Russian citizens and Ukrainian citizens alike] are saying about the United States.

"Ukraine's opposition wants prime minister fired"
CTV.ca News Staff
(Updated Sun. Nov. 28 2004 11:31 PM ET)


"[Yanukovych] was joined on stage by Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, whose message was to not let the West interfere.

"In Kyiv [Kiev], one Yanukovych supporter said: 'I hate America. There will only be union with Russia and (Belarus).'"

Luzhkov's comments are especially telling. This attitude of Russian officialdom extends right back to 1991, when Yeltsin was threatening the partition of the current "Yanukovych region" from Ukraine as the randsom cost of independence, cutting the economic legs off of the newborn Ukrainian state.

Posted by: John Herring | 2004-11-29 4:39:47 AM

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