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Monday, November 29, 2004

Victor & Wretchard Give Two Thumbs Down

Victor Davis Hanson reviews Alexander and is so much better at it than the usual suspects.

[S]ince Stone omitted the controversial and key issues of Alexander's career, what do we get instead for at least over two thirds of the movie? Mostly sit-com drama, with gay and bi- subplots, in various bedrooms and banquet halls. Olympias was something out of a teen- aged vampire movie, not the sophisticated and conniving royal we read about in the sources. It is the old Dallas or Falcon Crest glossy pulp in Macedonian drag.


There is also irony here. If we remember the embarrassing Troy, we are beginning to see, that all for all the protestations of artistic excellence and craftsmanship, Hollywood has become mostly a place of mediocrity, talentless actors and writers who spout off about politics in lieu of having any real accomplishment in their own field. I've heard so many inane things mouthed by Stone that I would like someone at last to address this question- why would supposedly smart insiders turn over $160 million to someone of such meager talent to make such an embarrassing film?

Then, Wretchard gets in on the act.

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