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Saturday, November 13, 2004

The wind beneath their wings

In reading over Graham Thompson's article in the Edmonton Journal on the post-election Alberta Tory leadership race, I had to ask myself; since the article contains no new information, what purpose does it serve? By the end--where they handicap the race and give the pros and cons of each candidate--I had my answer. Ted Morton is listed first. Beside "Cons" is written:

Viewed as a know-it-all academic; too right-wing for many Albertans...

But the thing is, none of the other candidates are listed as "too left-wing" or "too liberal" for many Albertans, though I would say that Gary Mar and Dave Hancock could be cast that way. Neither candidate is fiscally or socially conservative.

The purpose of the article is to establish the terminology to be used in the leadership race, wooing the province further to the left. Morton will be called a "right-wing extremist." All the other candidates will be cast as "moderates." A soaring bird with only one wing, the wind beneath it will be a lot of hot air.

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