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Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Left Wing Media's Racism

Prepare to be offended in this Brad Parks article. But not by him.


Posted by Kate McMillan on November 20, 2004 | Permalink


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Tracked on 2004-11-20 9:05:55 PM


Some of his points are valid; but, claiming that the NFL football ad was intended to be racist is totally ridiculous.

Did anyone really think "Boy, if that had been a white guy he would have ignored that beautiful naked woman and gone to play football." Give me a break.

By "finding" racism where it doesn't exist he falls into the same trap that he is criticizing.

Posted by: k | 2004-11-20 12:48:33 PM

Well done, he is right you know.

Posted by: Dex | 2004-11-20 5:33:56 PM

I think he has a point about the ebonics and "brown sugar" cracks being put into peoples' mouths in cartoons, but I don't think you can caricaturize someone's appearance without emphasizing whatever "ethnic" features they have. Was Aislin a racist if he emphasized Rene Levesque's bad combover, skinny shoulders and ill-fitting suits? Sounds mighty white to me.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2004-11-20 9:01:25 PM

I think Mr. Clark gave only a few examples, there are lots out there.


Posted by: MikeP | 2004-11-20 9:36:15 PM

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