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Monday, November 08, 2004

Ted Rall's democratic reforms

[originally posted, in slightly different form, at Daimnation!]

As noted below, cartoonist/paste eater Ted Rall reacted to the presidential election the way anyone who cares about democracy would: by demanding limits on the right to vote.

"Only women are affected by the abortion debate; only women ought to be allowed to vote on it. The same goes for war--only the young who fight and die in war enjoy the moral right to declare it. Terrorism? Please, if you live in Mississippi or Colorado or Alaska, don't presume to talk about, much less cast your vote based upon, your "views" of Islamist terrorism. New Yorkers don't lecture you about hunting."

He's technically right about that hunting thing, since PETA is based in Washington, DC.  As for the rest, using the same logic, I'm sure Ted would agree with the following:

- only SUV owners should have the right to vote on automotive fuel-efficiency standards.

- only oil companies should have the right to decide whether or not to drill in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge.

- only gun owners should have the right to vote on gun-control laws.

- only drug addicts should have the right to vote on drug policies.

- and finally, since people should only be allowed to comment on things that affect them directly, Ted Rall should be strictly limited to writing about being a talentless, commie sociopath in New York.

You know, I'm starting to warm up to this idea.  (Also note Rall's cartoon, which compares Bush - and those who voted for him - with the mentally handicapped.  Remember when the left was against making fun of handicapped people?)

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I call a foul.

The presence of capitalization in your post indicates you have cheated, Damian (unless you claim an 8" tongue).

Fisking Rall no longer permitted, unless you observe the "Rall handicap". You must type with your nose, blindfolded. This makes it a fairer contest.

Posted by: Kate | 2004-11-08 9:52:43 PM

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