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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Sir, I disagree: BOOM!

dis·si·dent -  . . .  Etymology: Latin dissident-, dissidens, present participle of dissidEre to sit apart, disagree, from dis- + sedEre to sit--more at SIT

I still can't get used to this farcical, "non-judgmental" (not to mention incorrect) cowardly, journalistic notion of never using the word "terrorists." AP: British Dismantle Belfast Firebomb as IRA Dissidents Raise Pre-Christmas Threat. There is something passive about sedere, to sit, that doesn't quite fit with the idea of blowing people to smithereens. Oh well, call me old-fashioned...

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: Excuse me, but I guess it is possible to use the word "terrorised" when referring to female stalkers, as in this story about George Michael. Note: no bombs involved, a subtle distinction from the above-mentioned story.

Posted by Kevin Steel on November 25, 2004 in Media | Permalink


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I think they are being called "IRA dissidents" to distinguish them from the main Provisional IRA, which has officially renounced terrorism. "IRA Splinter Group" might have been clearer, but I don't think that AP meant to imply that these guys weren't terrorists.

Posted by: AB Guy | 2004-11-25 1:17:00 PM

Perhaps you are right and my view of AP policy is outdated;
Find the 'Terrorists'

Yet I find this NY Times article (a copy) dated as recent as Sept. of this year.

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2004-11-25 2:04:05 PM

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