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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Sad commentary on the state of our military

From Ottawa Citizen columnist John Robson's five strangest stories of the week Saturday feature: "The Canadian navy hires civilian American helicopters for logistical support in a training exercise to avoid overstraining the frail, antique Sea Kings in which, the brass insists, they have full confidence for less strenuous activities - such as war." As Harold Bloom says, we live in an age in which satire is not possible.

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It's time to abandon maintaining a military. Clearly, there is insufficient interest in Canada for doing so. It serves no purpose besides showing off, which is now more of an embarrassment. It will affect many things like international relations, but it will also save money and re-direct efforts towards other areas such as funding the UN's efforts.

I propose allowing the United States to recruit and base troops in Canada. The navy bases at Halifax and Victoria can be used for US ships. The Air Force bases can hold USAF aircraft. The Army bases can be used for regular US Army and Marine Corps Troops, reservists, and National Guard.

Every Canadian province can contribute through its own National Guard.

A whole US Army division could be raised in Canada for service overseas.

The same people who will oppose this plan are the ones who opposed military cuts in the first place. How's that for irony.

One good thing: Canada's weak military history will finally come to an end.

Posted by: Scott | 2004-11-28 2:29:24 PM

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