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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Return of the Friday document dump

As Mr. Spector notes below, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has brought back his old friend and advisor Rod Love as chief of staff. (Here's The Globe version and the CP version.)

Local political folklore has it that Mr. Love in heyday was the person who instituted the Friday Document Dump. This political tactic involved burying any bad or controversial news in a truckload of faxed press releases sent out Friday afternoon in the hope that journalists--rushing out the door to get to the nearest watering hole--would miss it; if the news was discovered months later, the government could claim it was being open and above-board.

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Pretty significant move: Jim Dinning's top organizer comes back to the Premier's office, Mark Norris has lost his seat, Gary Mar gets demoted, and Ted Morton is kept frozen out on the backbench. Not a bad week for Mr. Dinning, but a pretty awful one for those who were hoping things would get better after Ralph.

Posted by: AB Guy | 2004-11-25 1:17:14 PM

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