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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Paul Berman coming to Toronto

On Monday, November 29 at 8pm, Paul Berman ("Terror and Liberalism") is speaking at Toronto's Holy Blossom Temple

Berman wrote a widely blogged piece in the Winter 2004 issue of Dissent, and an equally popular piece in Slate, slagging Che

He also took part in Slate's forum, "Liberal Hawks Reconsider the War"

Posted by Kathy Shaidle on November 24, 2004 | Permalink


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It looks interesting. Is it part of a series? Have you attended others? Do they produce transcripts?

Posted by: KevinG | 2004-11-24 1:08:07 PM

I went to see Victor Davis Hanson last year; standing room only. This is the last of a series; this year's featured Michael Ignatieff and others, but this is the only one I can make it to.

Don't think they do transcripts but you can always email someone at Holy Blosson. I have no idea who, though...

Posted by: Kathy Shaidle | 2004-11-25 7:31:55 AM

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